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SAL- 28 February

I am enjoying the Flower Fairy, but time just seems to pass too quickly. Never the less a few crosses have been stitched. Here’s where I was

6.2.16 006

And here’s where I am now

26.2.16 010

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Cross stitch cards

I have made two new cross stitch cards this month. Firstly one for my Mum for Mothers’ Day.

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 001

This was adapted from a pattern in a book called The Ultimate Greetings Card Book by Caroline Green. I have made many cards from this book using a wide variety of techniques.

The second card I made this month and of which I am most proud as I designed it by myself. My Grandson Master T was 5 in February, and he is very fond, and I mean very fond of a certain computer game, which I probably can’t name due to copyright issues. Not only did Master T recognise the character from his game straight away, he loved it!

9.2.16 001

And if anyone out there is familiar with this game and recognizes her I shall be even happier.

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Photo Challenge- Home

I have been thinking a lot about this week’s challenge. What exactly makes Home, home? Is it the people, the bricks and mortar or memories. If the people I love are not here is where they are home? Nope, so it’s not people in the flesh that makes home, that’s family. What about bricks and mortar? I have lived in Yorkshire, Sussex and Oxfordshire. All our boys were born in Sussex and all lived there and in Oxfordshire, but to me there was always something missing. Coming back to Pickering was always coming home to me.

When my brother and I were little we loved holidays, but were always glad to be coming home afterwards. For the last couple of miles we watched the road avidly for the first glimpse of the Church spire, which said that soon we would be home. I still look for it now when we come home, only now I am lucky enough to call Pickering Home again. It means my husband,my parents, my brother,my grand parents, my friends, sons, grand children who now visit, it means the place where I played, went to school, learned ballet, was a Brownie and a Girl Guide, went to dances and met those strange creatures Boys, and the Church in which I was baptised and married. In short where I have so many memories.

So I am using a photo I shared a couple of years ago.

14.11.13 012

Can’t wait to see what everyone else shares in this weeks challenge, do check out the following blogs, and if you would like to share a picture of what Home means to you, please feel free to leave a link below.

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Next weeks’ prompt is Tension.

Good luck and Happy Snapping!

Sunday Sevens

A series of seven pictures from my week inspired by Natalie’s idea at Threads and Bobbins

Several years ago I made number 2 son Mr J a picnic blanket. He gave it to his new puppy last year, which upset number one grandson Master H, no blanket, no more picnics?  Only one solution.

14.2.16 001

Nana make a  new picnic blanket.Most of the yarn came from my stash of unfinished yarn.

14.2.16 002

I was lucky enough to get the book Sew by Cath Kidston for Christmas and I have started to make the bag which came with it.

14.2.16 003

And I am gradually getting to grips with knitting cables.

14.2.16 004

Sadly the cardi won’t be ready in time for Master T’s 5th birthday, but that can’t be helped.

14.2.16 005

The pot hole/road repair saga continues, fixing gear left on our drive throughout the week!

14.2.16 006

These tete a tete daffodils were bought last year as a supermarket bargain at 50p after Mother ‘s Day. Pleased that they have come up in our garden this year.

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 033

Whilst we were visiting Burton Agnes Hall this week, we had a wander round the church. It had some lovely box pews inside and some rather grand Yew trees in the churchyard.

And here in England it is half term week, holidays, lovely!! Have a super week everyone.


Snowdrops at Burton Agnes Hall

I had heard that the snowdrops at Burton Agnes Hall were spectacular. Yesterday the sun was shining, so off we went for the first outing of the year to see for ourselves.

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 002

The Hall is a rather grand Elizabethan House, closed still for Winter cleaning.I love those chimneys!

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 013The woods in the grounds are a carpet of snowdrops. Truly magnificent. One  of my 16 for 2016 is to take 11 pictures of flowers. Here’s the first one..

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 009

The view from the woods caught my eye too.

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 020

Nearer the house are the formal gardens and a wonderful walled garden. Here’s the view from the rather magnificent Gate House.

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 034

I have a thing about garden lions.

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 025

I need one! There is also a children’s section with outside games and around them I spotted my second flower picture.

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 037

I thought that one so gorgeous I bought one for our garden. And I have some other rather nice photos which will appear throughout the year in the 52 week photo challenge! I was rather tempted to use the last picture of the house next week under the prompt Home!! Imagine. … No thanks, think of the dusting!

Photo Challenge- Zero

9.2.16 005

My sugar thermometer, used regularly for making chutneys, jams and sweets!

Next weeks’ prompt is HOME

Full list appears on the page 52 week photo challenge. If you have a Zero picture please feel free to add a link in the comments section below and do check out our regular contributors takes on Zero.

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Good Luck and Happy Snapping!

February Garden

My first Garden post of the nine I hope to make this year. My usual input to the garden is weeding , when the mess annoys me too much, pruning when I think about about it, planting bulbs and rescuing plants from garden centres  that look sorry for themselves and have been reduced in price. This year I want to be a bit more active outside.

I would describe myself as a reluctant Gardener, it takes me ages to motivate myself to go out but once there I thoroughly enjoy myself.

We are on clay soil and in a bit of a micro climate up a hill. In the town yet with a green field opposite our house at the back of the school. We often have different weather to that in the town 1/4 mile away, a bit colder, windier and yet often with more sunshine, as the town is down by a river and it gets misty  down there.

After the wet weather this Winter our garden sings to you as you walk on the grass, Squelch, squelch, squelch! The soil is water logged , the paths wet and moss abounds.

We make our own compost from vegetable waste and garden stuff, not weeds.

We have a pond and a large community of frogs come by every March for their annual get together. I feed the birds all winter and we have a lot of nesting birds. The birds and frogs do a great job on the bugs and I don’t use pesticides.

It’s about 1/6th of an acre.

And I think that’s all I need say about the garden. I would like to make a herb garden this year and just spend more time outside and hopefully I will learn something….

Currently there are a few signs that Spring is on its way.

snowdrops Jan 2016 004

These are always the first to appear, I think they are celandines?

snowdrops Jan 2016 006

I have planted a lot of primroses around the gardens, this one is under a hedge.

snowdrops Jan 2016 008

I have planted a lot of snowdrops and thin them out most years and am thrilled that in the 14 years we have been here we have gone from no snowdrops to lots and lots of snowdrops. This is half the clump I dug up from my Dad’s garden. I did indeed plant the other half at the cemetery.

Finally.. Yorkshire rhubarb

snowdrops Jan 2016 009

Coming along nicely this year.

I would absolutely love it if you would leave a comment and help me the Reluctant Gardener to become a Bit More Proficient Gardener.


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