Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Photo Challenge- Winter

Melancholy were the sounds on a Winter’s night ( Virginia Woolf)

Lockton Jan 16 008

Winter has gripped the land in cold caress

He’s all alone and deeply depressed

She’s dead…

From, Don’t Fear the Winter ( Rage)

Next weeks prompt is Stitch

Please feel  free to add a comment with your link to a Winter photo.

Other participants include

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Sandra at Wild Daffodil

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Do check out their blogs this week.


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Winter" (12)

  1. […] NanaCathy: powerful, with poetry […]

  2. You have done a good job with that. Coldness of winter and the coldness of grief in his heart. Love it…xx

    • Thank you, I spent a time last year trying to take a photo of desolation, but nothing worked, then the Winter prompt came and then some snow and a walk up to the village of Lockton on the North York Moors and I had my subject.

  3. That photo captures the bleakness and isolation that winter can bring.

  4. Wow, great personification in the poem that’s really complimented by your photo. Physical, metaphysical, spiritual, artistic–sublime.

  5. Melancholy indeed. Love this photo. There is something so ethereal about church graveyards, and the old ones with leaning monuments even more so. My winter photo:

  6. Dramatic photo – winter because of the snow, but also a winter in human experience – perfect quote to go with it – so clever.
    Here’s mine: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/winter/

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