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Sunday Sevens!

A look at my week through seven pictures. Inspired by Sunday Sevens, Natalie at Threads and Bobbins

I braved the weather on Sunday, wind rain etc etc

7.1.16 001

to go for a walk. Well it’s flooded, humph! I turned back and went round by the station, just as a train was coming in

7.1.16 006

I really just had to take the next picture

7.1.16 002

All those wheels in a row.

Monday I packed my bag and went swimming

7.1.16 008

The plan is to go again tomorrow, Monday.

Now this week was pretty momentous, as we finally , yes finally sold my Dad’s house. I have such mixed emotions about it. I spent the week loading the car and taking things to the charity shops or the tip, or rescuing things my brother or stepbrother couldn’t bear to be parted from after all. Breaking my heart to throw away dog collars and give away Dad’s walking boots. But things must go forward, I know.

I had one last wander round his garden and in a little corner of a flower bed the first snowdrops were coming into bloom, the first that I have seen this year.

7.1.16 009

I dug this clump up, and will plant some near his grave and some in our garden. The last gift from his green fingers.

I walked through the woods at the back of his house and was rather taken with this fungi, or is it fungus?

Anyway this

7.1.16 012

It looks so tactile.

Meantime I am rather incredulous that I managed to take a cutting from a house plant last year and got it to flower for me.

9.1.16 002

Hope you had a good week, here’s to the next!



Comments on: "Sunday Sevens!" (31)

  1. Very bitter sweet post, but I am glad the house has sold at last. I guess it’s too late, but my Mum planted up one of her old pair of leather walking boots quite a few years ago. They stand on a corner of her border and have become mossy on parts of the outside, it’s fab and rather delugthfully eccentric!

    • What a super idea. I gave them to the Mind charity shop, and am hoping that someone will use them for a nice walk! They were the last things I took out of the house. His house is between two little rivers and I am jolly glad not to be worrying about floods, not that it ever did but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t!

  2. What a lovely idea to transplant some snowdrops in memory of your father. Sorting out possessions is one of the hardest things to do, but I’m pleased for you that his house has finally sold. We’ve got that to come shortly, I fear.

    • I am sorry to read that you will be facing that task shortly. It’s the little things that get you, cards that and saved, scraps of this and that, bookmarks in books, oh anything and nothing. Writing my blog and having made some super friends through it have been more help than I can do justice too in words. Thank you and my thoughts are with you.

  3. Those train wheels were so perfectly aligned, and make the best photo. So sorry for the pain you’ve been going through, but how lovely that you’ve saved the snowdrops. A yearly, happy, living reminder of your precious father.

    • I just knew that people who read my blog would understand the appeal of the wheels. Thanks for the kindnesses in your words about Dad.

  4. How lovely that you were able to rescue that little clump of snowdrops from your Dad’s garden. You will always think of him when they come up in winter X

  5. Beads and Barnacles said:

    Yeah those wheels do look interesting all lined up like that.
    And those snow drops look nice. It will be a nice thing to do to move them.
    Have a good week x

  6. I like your little collection of china dogs – I have started picking up similar ones when I see them. As if I haven’t got enough real ones!
    I love your snowdrop story. It will be a lovely reminder of your father each year.

    • Two of the dogs were gifts from my Dad and he rescued one from his house the two tiny ones come from a greyhound charity shop. The snowdrops will be a wonderful memory

  7. Has the flooding subsided where you are now? I do hope so! It’s lovely that you are keeping some of the snowdrops 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

  8. Such a bittersweet set of Sunday Sevens. Your dad’s house and his things may have moved out of your life, but he will still always be a part of you.

  9. Lovely that you’ve saved your dads snow drops. I lost my grandad 15 years ago and have one of his peonies in my garden, and it always brings a smile when it starts coming through.

  10. Very moving post in so many ways. Loved the photos and the sentiments. I’m a wanna be gardener and not all that good at it either. Nothing grows inside. Not enough light. Have a wonderful week and keep moving. 🙂

  11. I am glad you dug up the snowdrops. Not sure I would have thought of it as I have a bit of a black thumb. I like what aranislandgirl said above about plant clippings moving from one person to the next. I need to do more of that this spring. Awesome picture of the train coming in.

    • Thanks Ginny. I can do bulbs, otherwise I am not very good in the garden. It really felt right to take them, a lovely living gift, which will go on giving.

  12. A poignant reminder of the passing of time. I particularly like that you dug up the snowdrops which will live on and you can eventually divide as they grow and expand. Plants and cuttings from friends, family and neighbors hold energy that moves with them and mixes with that of your own. A living, breathing piece of your dad–how wonderful! Xx

  13. Brave walk, brave post. I also lost a Dad last year, but both my parents had already moved into a home – and even so it was desperately painful clearing out their proper home when they were still alive. I found the little things saddest – like ordinary kitchen stuff for me, and in your case walking boots and dog collars. The snowdrops will continue to flower and give precious memories – hold on to that. it’s the common little yellow Welsh poppies that always remind me of my dad.

    • Thank you for sharing your memories. It is the little things that are so poignant. We had kept the beds made up while the house was on the market. I finally stripped them this week, and that broke me into tears. Ridiculous, but acknowledging finality.

  14. Good to see some lovely moments in a difficult week. I know how hard it is going through your parent’s possessions after they’ve passed. Horrible to throw so much away of their lives, but what else can you do? Loved seeing the snowdrops you planted. Daffodils always remind me of my dad 🙂

  15. I would have had to take the photo of the wheels too – there is something great about repetition and the patterns it creates. Beautiful little snowdrops! A sweet memory. And congrats on the kalanchoe- mine are in bud so hopefully I will get a good show again this year. Light levels are the key I think. Have a good week!

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