Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Sunday Sevens

Started the week with a little walk around Thornton Dale. The sun was shining and it was just lovely to be out.

Thornton 30.12.15 001

Along the beck which was full but not in flood.

Thornton 30.12.15 002

through the woods

Thornton 30.12.15 003

past the Hall, which used to be a fine hotel and is now a care home

Thornton 30.12.15 006

past a lovely garden with its own miniature village

Thornton 30.12.15 004

and along a lane past a field of wet and bedraggled sheep.Poor sheep.

On Tuesday we went furniture shopping in Leeds. I hate furniture shopping, we can never agree. I liked these sofas…

Thornton 30.12.15 013

But we didn’t buy! Ah well.

On Thursday we went to Malton, I needed a diary. I didn’t find one there but it turns out that The Works in Malton is closing down. NOOOOOOO!

On the plus side I had change from £4 for these.

2.1.16 001

Now that was a Bargain.

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Comments on: "Sunday Sevens" (22)

  1. Lovely views! Sweet miniature village. Now is that a magazine I see there Cathy? hmmm? Oh I suppose it was still 2015 then – phew!
    I just got a Marie Curie diary which fits in my handbag and has maps in the back – they are on sale for £2 (+postage) mail order.

    • As if? No they are two books and two packs of craft buttons! I got a diary on Saturday for £1 which adequately meets my needs, otherwise I would have been very tempted by the one you mentioned.

  2. The pictures of your walk are lovely–nice to see the sun shining!

  3. Thank you for sharing your sunny outing. It has been rainy and grey here for a week.

  4. I thought they were real houses until I looked closer – it’s very convincing. I feel sorry for all the animals outside in this weather, our hens hate it and huddle together under the garden table to keep dry. Might have to make a proper day shelter for them. Love your Works bargains. Such a shame they’re closing your local branch. Ours is half an hour away but I always go in when I’m in town.

  5. Beautiful, outdoor shots. Seems I’m not the only one craving fresh air this week 🙂 Some proper bargains in your last shot, but shame you’re losing it…

  6. Lovely to see so much sunshine 🙂 It barely put in an appearance for us last week. Although I too have been feeling sorry for the sheep in all the rain.

    • There was a picture of some some sheep on the TV the other night huddled together in a field surrounded by water. I hope someone rescued them in time! Poor things.

  7. It’s been miserable this week so good to get out in between the showers. Your scenery shots are lovely, even with the murky weather. Glad the floods have avoided your parts.

  8. beautiful images

  9. Your walk looks lovely, great pics. Brilliant bargains but annoying to be losing the Works. They do have an online shop but it just isn’t quite the same as popping in for a browse!

    • I do like to handle real items, my online shopping is usually for books! There is a Works in Scarborough but its further to get there. Shame.

  10. Beautiful pictures of your walk. Such a lovely place to take a stroll.

  11. I also thought that they were real houses! How funny! What great bargains you got too – I think the Mollie Makes books are really good 🙂

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