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16 for 2016!

Happy New Year! Time for my 16 for 2016, which this year are designed to challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone, so much I want to do, time to get on with it!

16 swims

15 minutes x 2x 5 , ie five 30 minute walks per week!

14 lbs lost- yikes!

13 outings/places visited.Can be new or return visits

12 Cooking posts,ie monthly- I have such a list of things I always wanted to cook but didn’t, such as cheese souffle, or any souffle.

11 Flower photographs- unlike the animals last year they don’t move so much

10 Handmade cards

9 Garden posts- anything to get me weeding!

8 Stash/Kit Busting- I really really don’t need such a big stash of fabric/ wool/ craft materials

7 Sewing/Embroidery Projects

6 Acts of Kindness

5 Reading- I have become a bit lazy in my reading, novels  and more novels, time to challenge myself with a bit of Non Fiction. Any recommendation?

4 Knitting and Crochet Skills- Again I have a got a bit lazy and it’s time to try some new skills, like cable or 4ply, socks, a shawl-yikes!

3 Bucket List- Now this could well overlap with other things on the list, but I can and will count them twice, like Make a Cheese Souffle, this is on my bucket list

2 Railway Journeys

1 Bus Journey

0 Magazine purchases. I already have far too many I DON’T NEED ANY MAGAZINES!

Wish me luck, and I would love to hear of your aspirations for 2016.



Comments on: "16 for 2016!" (37)

  1. […] idea came to me from my dear friend Sandra at Wild Daffodil who got the idea from her friend Cathy at nanacathydotcom.  I started listing my 16 things to accomplish in 2016 at the first of January and have just […]

  2. […] and have been completing a 2016 list of 16. I love the idea which originally came from Cathy at nanacathydotcom.  So better late than never and starting in reverse […]

  3. deemallon said:

    Happy list making and doing. Impressive. Am reading a really really good piece of nonfiction right now: “H is for Hawk”. I won’t even try to describe it but it’s on the bestseller list and u can easily read about it. Happy new year!

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I had heard of the book and I will now look out for it, it’s good to hear from someone who is enjoying it.

  4. I am really impressed with this list – and with your achievements for 2015 which I have just read. Good luck with it all!

  5. Happy New Year! I wish you all the best in 2016 and that you will reach all of your goals.

  6. Great list. I look forward to seeing you crossing them off 🙂

  7. […] not one to usually make resolutions, but I was inspired by watching NanaCathy‘s progress on 15 for 2015 and her follow-up post of 16 for […]

  8. Thanks everyone for your encouragement!

  9. […] Inspired by Nana Cathy […]

  10. A great list! I think you will have a BUSY and fulfilling year!

  11. corrineappleby said:

    Good luck with all that! I have an excellent recipe for a no-fail goats cheese soufflé if you want it! 😉 Happy new year!

  12. Good luck on your list! It looks doable. Notice as I cheer you on I certainly didn’t have the courage to post my actual goals on my blog! Haha

  13. You did so well with the 15 for 2015, you can do this too! Happy new year.

  14. Lol, I love zero!!! A great list of goals, hope all goes well 🙂

  15. Nice way of structuring your goals for the new year. Good luck!

  16. Great list. Still working on mine. Finally had a bit of quiet time this morning and a notebook at hand. If I didn’t sleep and I don’t much, I might get it all done. (not likely though).

    • Ooh looking forward to seeing your list! Some days when I was at a loose end just reading my list reminded me of things I wanted to do. Good luck 🍀

  17. […] Rather than definite resolutions, they are focusing on aspirations or goals. Cathy, of Nanacathydotcom, has made a list of her aspirations. For 2016, she has 16 items on her list. With her permission, […]

  18. No 16 is a lot! Good luck 🍀

  19. Good luck! You’ve made a well-organized and challenging plan here. I have never done well with resolutions, but this is a great way to arrange a list of goals. Mind if I steal it? 😉 And Happy New Year to you and yours!

  20. Great list. I look forward to seeing how you get on with it. Reading – I do like to challenge myself to read something different. It’s too easy to get stuck in your comfort zone. A good non-fic I read last year was Wild by Cheryl Strayed. You might enjoy that 🙂

  21. Don’t go in for this resolutions or lists business but since you mention souffles twice just had to say that they are much easier than they look!

  22. An ambitious and exciting plan! I love making lists, too!

  23. Happy New Year! You are so good to be focused like this – good luck with all your challenges.

    • I just love a to do list! Keeps me focused when I realise that time is a limited and unknown quantity
      Happy New Year and thanks for dropping in.

  24. A great list! It has got me thinking about what I would include. 16 walks I think, and maybe 6 swims – I don’t really like swimming unless in an ultra warm pool or an ultra hot country – so swims would be a big challenge for me.
    For non-fiction books how about some biographies and auto-biographies.
    Good luck! It will be great to see how you get on.

    • Thanks. I love swimming but need a push to go in Winter. I plan to go on Monday, hopefully the cold and wet weather won’t deter me now. Love to see your 16 if you write one! Right now trying to persuade Mr E that a half hour walk today is a good idea. I will probably be going alone!

  25. claire93 said:

    good luck ^^ and a happy new year

    • Thank you. The list is a bit daunting today after the joy of yesterdays near completion! But very exciting to draw up new plans. Happy New Year!

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