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Cross stitch Valentine card

Stitching Lotus hosts Small Sals. The idea is to share any small but completed projects each month. I have set myself the target to make 10 handmade cards this year, one more than I did last year. I have a fair amount of aida and two boxes full of DMC threads, and any number of cards waiting for a little nugget of cross stitch. So,what better to do than have a bash at some handmade cross stitch cards. This first one was pretty easy as I had a card with a heart shape aperture, so all I had to do was stitch it to fit.

Lockton Jan 16 001

I shall use it for a Valentine card, but it could easily be for anyone you care for…

Stitching Lotus can be found here http://stitchinglotus.ca/2016/01/smalls-sal-january-2016-check-in/

Photo Challenge- Winter

Melancholy were the sounds on a Winter’s night ( Virginia Woolf)

Lockton Jan 16 008

Winter has gripped the land in cold caress

He’s all alone and deeply depressed

She’s dead…

From, Don’t Fear the Winter ( Rage)

Next weeks prompt is Stitch

Please feel  free to add a comment with your link to a Winter photo.

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Do check out their blogs this week.

Yarn Along!

I have a Tahdah moment..

Lockton Jan 16 002

What do you think? And I just had to make a hat to go with it.

Lockton Jan 16 003

So onto my next project. And a bit of a deadline on this one as it is for Master T’s 5th birthday in February.

Lockton Jan 16 013

Now I have challenged myself this year to increase my knitting skills and the fronts and sleeves in this jacket have cables. Wish me luck, I am trying to teach an old bod new tricks here.

Currently reading The Mistletoe Bride by Kate Mosse. OH MY, are these good short stories. Make a note of the book peeps for your Halloween reading later in the year. These tales are seriously good yarns.

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- Vintage

7.1.16 004

Taken at Pickering Station on the North York Moors Railway, January 2016

If you have a photo you would like to post and share, please leave a link in the comments box below. If you would like to join in regularly and would like your name adding to our contributors list please let me. Full list of photo prompts appear in the page above 52 week photo challenge.

Next week we are sharing photos on the theme of Winter.

Please look to see what our regular contributors have posted.

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Happy Snapping!


Sunday Sevens on Monday

Once again linking with Natalie at Threads and Bobbins to share 7 pictures from my week.

Sunday 10 January was grotty till fairly late on in the day, just in time for a pretty sunset, hopefully an end to all the rain.

13.1.16 001

But not before I had discovered that my old wellies had sprung a leak, cue new wellie shopping on Tuesday

17.1.16 004

and some hyacinths to brighten up the house. Bit of a blue theme this week.

13.1.16 004

On Thursday the weather did this

17.1.16 001

YUK! Time for a hunkering down day!

Last week I nearly shared a really boring picture of my thank you letters ready to post. I was all set to say that I am sad that people can’t be bothered to write thank you letters anymore, but it came out all wrong. So I didn’t. Then on Friday this came in the post for me.

17.1.16 011

Now I knitted some hats for the Innocent Age UK campaign last year, and wrote on my blog that I wondered if I was totally wasting my time because each hat equaled only a 25p donation to Age UK, and I could have saved myself the effort and just donated the cash myself. Well everyone was wonderfully reassuring that it totally was worth the effort. Inside this card I am told that 800,000 hats were received meaning a donation of £200,000 to Age UK. You were so right,that is a sum worth having.

Inside the card was a handwritten note addressed Dear Cathy and thanking me, it was surrounded by Kisses.

Net result, I shall knit hats for the 2016 campaign. The power of saying Thank You. I rest my case.

Meantime look out for be-hatted Smoothies in February

Anyone remember our Pot Hole Saga? And the bruhaha to get our (private)road fixed? Well the pothole should be fixed on Thursday coming. But in the meantime , a sub plot has developed. To be known as  Ditchgate. The theory of some of our roads residents is that the pothole was called by a ditch which is on the school side of our road, that has not been Dredged, which means the water comes off the field reaches the undredged ditch, can’t go anywhere and instead comes down our road and causes a pothole.

17.1.16 010


You can see how full it looks thanks to the fact that the water in there froze on Saturday.

So there has been a flurry of letters and people staring at the ditch all week, the Town Clerk, the Head Teacher and the Chair of the School Governors. Emails have been sent!!

This is set to run for some time my friends.

Last photo of the week. I planted some bulbs in the Autumn under a tree in the grass. Whoopee, they are appearing, you may have to look carefully, but undoubtedly they are coming up. Spring is just round the corner.

17.1.16 005

Hoping you all have a wonderful week.

SAL- January 2016

New Year and a new project for the SAL. I am stitching a kit I have had for a while. It’s Flower Fairies- Geranium

17.1.16 008

The kit is by DMC. First task was to sort the threads. Now some people love this first stage, I really dislike it. Trying to figure out lightest yellow green from pale yellow and palest green. AAgh! Doing it in the evening is not a good idea. This stage really does need daylight, and in this instance I needed to reference my two boxes of DMC threads to marry up just which thread was which. But everyhting was sorted in the end, so

Let the stitching begin..

17.1.16 009

A small beginning. It’s on 16 count Aida, which I find harder to stitch than 14 count, more holes per inch. I have also found I can only stitch this in daylight. Once the curtains are drawn, even with my stalwart light over my left shoulder, I just can’t get the stitches as neat as I like. Progress will be slow till we get longer afternoons. However I have noticed that the days are getting longer, It’s 4.30 now before its getting dark, at Christmas I was closing the curtains at 3.45. Spring is on its way, says she with a dusting of snow in the garden as she types!

Ever the optimist.

Joining with the following amazing group of fellow stitchers.


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Do stop by their blogs, there are some gorgeous projects going on.

Yarn Along!

13.1.16 005

Knitting wise I have nearly finished the little cardigan for Miss F, just the button band to do, then seams to join and ends to sew in. Next time you see this there will be buttons on the front too, and something else on the needles. The pattern is Sirdar 1894, which can be obtained here.

Two books on the go. The first is my bedtime reading, The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, its the third in a series set in Barcelona, but only the second I have read. A mystery story with books at their centre. The other is my day time reading when I have a slot of time in which I can concentrate properly to the words on the page. My Great Grandfather was Clerk to the Governors ( ie legal adviser on the Poor Law) of the Pickering workhouse and I was interested to read some first hand accounts of life in the Workhouse seen from the viewpoint of residents, staff, political thinkers, and workhouse inspectors. If anyone had a relative with connections to a workhouse in whatever capacity I can recommend this book as highly readable.

One of my challenges to myself this year has been to read some non fiction and some people have recommended me some good books they have enjoyed. I have now written myself a list to take to the Library to keep my eyes open for. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions, and in the meantime if you have any good recommendations for non fiction I would love to hear them.

Joining with Ginny for some Yarn Alongs

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