Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Back in May I joined the photo challenge on Blue Daisy. The subject was Sky. It seems fitting to end where I began, with a photograph of the Sky, not the blue sky of the 5 May but sunrise in December over our back garden. The Natural World  can bring Joy on even the hardest of days.

23.12.15 003

And so to 2016.

Four, fab, photo friends have collaborated to create this 52 week photo challenge

Let us introduce ourselves:

Cathy from Nana Cathy

Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Sandra from Widl Daffodil

We have so enjoyed Jamie’s (Bluedaisy) photo challenge that we just did not want to stop – many thanks to Jamie for starting this off and for her great list of prompts – we hope we have created an equally inspiring list.

The ‘rules’ such as they are, are very relaxed. It is up to you to take those prompts and run with them:

1. You could make it your own challenge to post a photo each week for 52 weeks,


2. See each week as a fresh challenge and enter as many weeks or as few as you like. You will be very welcome whenever you want to join us.

3.We intend to enter just one photo as the ‘challenge’ photo, but feel free to enter as many as you like.

4. Whether you like to take a new photo each week according to the subject, or search your archives to find a photo that fits – all are welcome.

5. Join in at any time during the year, the more the merrier.

6. Each week the PROMPT goes live from 9am GMT on Monday to 9am GMT the following Sunday. We start on Monday 4th.January, 2016.

7. Anytime during the week post a photo inspired by the prompt on your blog. Once I have posted my photo that week (usually on a Tuesday) you can add your link in the Comments section of her post. Alternatively let me know if you want to join in regularly and I will add your blog address to our list of regular participants.

You are welcome to download and keep the list or display it on your blog.

Melissa and Sandra like to combine the Photo Challenge with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge. Sometimes it is an extra brain-tease but on the whole one often seems to support the other – it really is fun – have a go!

Or maybe the photo will inspire a poem or short story – oooh – some fun possibilities!

But of course there is absolutely NO need to combine them if that does not appeal – this is primarily a photo prompt.

Primary Aim: FUN!

And so to the list of Prompts. The list will be accessible throughout the year in the Page called 52 week Photo Challenge, above near the  About Page.


Graphics by Rainbow Jane. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Looking forward to seeing how we all interpret Game, next week

Happy Photographing!


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Joy, AND news of a brand new photo challenge for 2016" (14)

  1. This photo challenge sounds like fun, I may attempt to join in.

    • That would be wonderful. Let me know if you would like me to add you in, otherwise just leave a comment on my post on Tuesday to direct us all to your picture. It is a lot of fun, and has you looking at the world in unique ways. Good luck 🍀

  2. You have just given me such a laugh!!!!!! My blog is up there as Widl Daffodil (widdle!) Ha!!!!! Ha!!!!!!! Lovely to see enthusiastic fellow fiends who might be joining us! Still laughing!! 😀

  3. I shall decline joining, but thank you for inviting and I look forward to seeing your photos through the year.

  4. I’d like to join in please. I can’t promise to find something suitable every week, but I’ll try. I do want to get back into photography, so this would be a good incentive 🙂

  5. I’ve loved watching the photo challenge this year. I may join in for 2016.

  6. Sunrses and sunsets are always among my favourite photographs. Nature is wonderful!

  7. Hurray! Launched! Exciting!
    Lovely sky photo, and you are so right about the natural world bringing joy.
    Looking forward to our 52 weeks!

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