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SAL, end of December

I finished the needlecase I was making. I loved doing the stitching but the construction was a nightmare. Enough said.

23.12.15 008

And the back

23.12.15 010

Not quite centre back although I stitched just where the diagram showed me too.

And I had enough time to stitch Mr E his very own Christmas card.

23.12.15 001


The Needlecase was a kit from Textile Heritage avaiable to buy here

The card is by Mouseloft available here

25.11.15 009

Mr J may have thought his son, my grandson Master H wouldn’t think the birth sampler “cool” and would have to to “sell” it to him, but he was wrong. Master H LOVED it. It had his name on it and oh my, his birthday too and he loved the stories of Percy the Park Keeper, and would Daddy hang it straightaway! Such a happy Nanacathy.

Next year I am starting with a Flower Fairy! Been in my to start pile for a few years already and high time I stitched it.

Please do look at the other participants taking part in the SAL, listed below.


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Comments on: "SAL, end of December" (23)

  1. Adorable reaction!! Wish all our gifts got this kind of response.

  2. So happy that Percy was well received!

  3. Love the needle case and the card – that made me smile. So glad Daddy was wrong about needing to ‘sell’ the sampler 🙂

  4. Love yout meercat Christmas card. How long does a card like that take? I was wondering if you try cross stitch Christmas cards next year.

    • Thanks Jane, it took a couple of afternoons, so maybe 4 hours. I am very slow compared to others. No I wouldn’t attempt to sew all my Christmas cards, I only stitch for people who will appreciate the effort that went into them!

  5. Love the Christmascard!!! 🙂

  6. Beautiful needle case and birth sampler. The card was too cute. I love to see cross stitch work though I can no longer do it myself. Wonderful gifts indeed. It feels so good to get each project completed.

  7. All beautiful! I have a similar needlecase to stitch in my stash but it’s on royal blue aida. I’m waiting for the lighter, brighter days before I start it. Of course your Grandson loves the sampler 🙂 I’m waiting to hear whether my Great Niece likes her new quilt that I’ve sent her for Christmas. She’s just had her bedroom decorated so I hope it doesn’t clash LOL.

    • The stitching was the lovely part, constructing it with bits of cardboard exercised me somewhat!! Sure your niece would love her quilt

  8. The sampler is gorgeous! What a lucky boy, a really special present. You have been so busy – and creative! Hope you’re having a lovely time.

  9. That’s so lovely – I bet your smile was huge when Master H loved his sampler.

  10. Your needle case is really lovely as is the sampler – I’m so glad your grandson appreciated it after all your hard work!

  11. Oh! music to your ears! Such a great feeling when the little ones love a present from Nana! The Merry Meerys are cute!

  12. Love the needle case and congrats on another smashing finish. Can’t wait to see the flower fairy. They’re so pretty 🙂

  13. your finished needle case is really gorgeous!

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