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Yarn Along!

23.12.15 007

On the needles another little cardigan for Miss F. I made this before in a smaller size,in a slightly different colour,  it has dogs round the bottom which I am just about to start knitting. She loves dogs. Should be a knit. Her Mum has shrunk the Peppa Pig jumper, how could she?

The Master by Colm Toibin is about Henry James. I like the books of Henry James, and have visited Lamb House in Rye where he lived. The book reads like a novel rather than a biography, and is thoroughly enjoyable.

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (8)

  1. I would give your daughter in law the jumper with a little bottle of wool wash and instructions to wash only by hand maybe.

    I’ve got a couple of hours left of Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn left to listen to, I shall do while I wrap presents tomorrow on Christmas Eve.

  2. I need to read more Henry James. Sadly, I haven’t since read him since I graduated many moons ago.

  3. A sweater with little dogs on it — how adorable! I haven’t read anything by Colm Toibin — or Henry James, for that matter — but I’d like to read “Brooklyn” before watching the movie.

  4. Oh NO!! the Peppa Pig jumper!aaaaaaarghhh! What a blow – bet she felt terrible!
    I’ve seen hours of my work mangled by the washing machine too! Hope this jumper fares better! xx

    • My son was so apologetic and he kept saying it was still wearable. Still wearable, that was a work of art!!!! It should have been ok at 40C, I bet it was on too high a wash!

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