Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Sunday Sevens!

After the busyness of the previous week, this one has seemed quite calm. I put up our tree

18.12.15 001

I would love a real tree, but a) I feel guilty uprooting/hacking down a tree and b) I got fed up of choosing and planting one all by myself as no-one else could be bothered, so we have had this magnificent one complete with artificial snow for some years. It made me sneeze this year, how do you dust a tree?

18.12.15 002

He may looked battered but he has seen forty one years and survived three boys, two cats and two dogs!!

18.12.15 003

And there is my lovely angel from Rainbow Jane, the decoration from Claire 93 and one of the hearts I made.

18.12.15 004

This beautiful glass icicle which reflects the light so prettily was given to us in Dorset by our nephew and Godson, another Mr T and his wife Mrs A, to mark that they are expecting a baby in May. It was made by Bristol Homemade Glass

18.12.15 005

I don’t like to tempt fate but we  have finally exchanged contracts on the sale of my Dad’s house. I have started the final clear out of the property. I came across my Stepmother’s button tin and the package to the left contains needles. No way were they going to charity/the tip! A nice momento, although my Step Mum did not do sewing!! She had people who did that for her!

18.12.15 006

Busy crocheting a replacement picnic blanket for Mr J, who gave the previous one to his puppy for bedding. I am using up loads of oddments and it is fun to create something colourful, useful and economical!

Lastly but not least, I won some lovely yarn  a while since from the yarny robin . Three balls of Sirdar Faroe Chunky have been transformed into an adult slouchy hat, a pair of fingerless adult mittens and a  child size hat. The pattern was Sirdar 9906. The remaining yarn made a pompom just the right size to go on the child’s hat, which I had adapted from the child’s slouchy hat. Thank you Yarny Robin

18.12.15 007

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Comments on: "Sunday Sevens!" (16)

  1. What a fabulous 41 year old Santa! That’s what I love about decorating the Christmas tree every year – looking at the decorations that have been in the family for years! We have a little plastic bell which belonged to my grandmother 😊

  2. the lovely thing about xmas décorations is they all have a story to tell ^^

  3. Your tree is lovely. Remembering where each of the ornaments came form is one of the nicest parts of tree trimming.

  4. You could try a spray bottle filled with water when you take the tree down this year? That should get rid of a lot of the dust. Love the history of the Santa – very special:)

  5. I love your old Santa – how lovely to have a little chap like that making an appearance at your home each December! Happy Christmas to you and your family x

  6. After the ornaments are all off the tree, it’s going outside for a good soaking in the rain before it finds its way back into storage. It can drip dry in the carport and be fresh and clean. Love the handmade ornaments the best. The memories of old Christmas things is the best part of Christmas. I think your step mum may have been a dog lover.

  7. I love hearing about everyone’s Christmas traditions and the stories behind sentimental ornaments. That Santa has done well to survive for so long: lovely!

  8. You have a lovely tree and many lovely ornaments to match 🙂 I love ornaments that tell a story or hold a particular memory. I’m very impressed with your crochet blanket – I am aiming to make one just like this next year!

  9. Tree looks lovely. Know what you mean about guilt. Although we had an artificial one for 25 years and when I was a kid we used to digthe same one up every year and replant it – don’t suppose we could afford to do anything else. My mum used to go spare at the mess mdes ng it in and out.

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