Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

We were away last weekend with all Mr E’s family, all 25 of us, in Dorset. We rented the fabulous Old Rectory at Symondsbury. Check out the history of this house, I have slept where Thomas Hardy and Sir Mick have trod!

Foot Fest 2015 023

The wing on the right is not part of the rented house, but the rest is and it is wonderful inside.

Foot Fest 2015 022

How’s that for a sitting room, there are a further two sofas in this room.

Foot Fest 2015 014

A library come games room, the room smells of old books, wonderful. Sadly the piano was badly out of tune. Ms M playing table tennis here.

Foot Fest 2015 002

The dining room, we could all sit round the table. Mr B, Ms G, Master T and Mrs T after dinner on the first night.

Foot Fest 2015 007

The stair case

Foot Fest 2015 017

Mr E and I slept here

Foot Fest 2015 011

The view across the garden and fields

Foot Fest 2015 013

The only downside of the whole house was the incredibly small kitchen, two people at work, ok, add a third person, chaos..

Foot Fest 2015 018

One small sink and what you see is the only work surface. The weather was not brilliant whilst we were there, a lot , and I mean a lot of wind, but at least we did not experience the torrential rain that beset the Lake District. We split into groups on Saturday, some going for a walk across the hills, some to West Bay and some to Bridport. All of us back by early afternoon for tea, cake and talk.

We went to Bridport, and enjoyed coffee.

Foot Fest 2015 027

One of our group , Master H, felt sick so we were back by lunch.

But it was a great weekend, lots of laughter. We live a long way from each other, us in North Yorkshire, Mr E’s sister in Cornwall and a lot of the youngsters in London where there is work, so we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to get together like this.

Master H made a miraculous recovery when he spied chocolate cake…… and the children played hide and seek!

Mr E and I decided to stay overnight in Dorset and went to Abbotsbury – the Ilchester Arms Hotel. A problem with the TV in our room saw us having a free upgrade to the honey moon suite, and another four poster bed to climb into.

Foot Fest 2015 031

Please note the red and white knitting bag, come on you knew I took knitting with me, both my sisters in law are knitters!

The breakfast the following morning was yummy, and I loved that they had local crafts on sale

Foot Fest 2015 036

But by then I had done my Christmas shopping. Probably a good thing.

We went a short stroll up the hill at the back of the hotel to St Catherine’s Chapel

Foot Fest 2015 039

It was still pretty windy on Monday and misty, but we could see Chesil Beach from the top, and Abbotsbury below.

Foot Fest 2015 037

From there we drove to South Wales to see my Mum, brother and sister in law. Poor Mum has Alzheimer’s and each time I see her she is more muddled than the last. This time totally confusing the place where she first lived with my Dad, with where she went to college . Meaningful conversation is impossible, so I just let her tell me how she thinks it is. She is still Mum, but not the Mum I knew for so long.

My brother has four dogs…. they sleep in the kitchen, Mr E often gets up in the night and makes a hot drink. Mr E in the middle of the night and four dogs woken up would not mix , so we stayed at the The Manor Hotel, Crickhowell

Foot Fest 2015 049

No four poster bed this time but still very comfy, quiet and a delicious Welsh breakfast which to all intents and purpose was identical in ingredients with a full English breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes, black pudding and mushrooms. I don’t eat the black pudding or the sausage, but the rest, YUMMY.

The view over Crickhowell is stunning, even in the mist and murk.

Foot Fest 2015 050

So then we came home to the ongoing saga of the POTHOLE, which I have briefly mentioned before. We live on a private road, which is super and quiet, views over the hill at the back with sheep etc etc, but we are responsible for road repairs. Now we had understood that everyone was responsible for their bit of road, and when a little hole appeared lower down we waited for someone to do something. And the hole grew and grew and grew, until we asked our neighbour, who lives next door to the house with the pothole, and it transpires that all residents are responsible jointly for repairs, not just the house owner near the problem. Three months on, three residents meetings , four quotes, later and  a contractor has been chosen, and now we have to open a bank account, which means would you believe a Constitution and elected officers…… All to fix this

Foot Fest 2015 052

Humph! Anyway we have now held our Inaugural General Meeting and elected said officers round ours on Friday.

Meantime Christmas has crept up on me. I hand delivered most Christmas presents last weekend, but all of a sudden I am in a rush, cards being written and parcels dispatched. I sent my Secret Stitching Santa parcel on Saturday, which should be fine, and the cards should be written by Tuesday. Plenty of time, don’t know what I am fussing about!!!

Yesterday, Saturday when I came home from food shopping , I had two wonderful surprises.

First my Secret Santa parcel has come and I still don’t know who it is from. So excited!

13.12.15 002

I am now feeling a bit apprehensive about the one I sent, I do hope the recipient likes what I choose.

But the nicest surprise was totally one I wasn’t expecting at all, from the lovely Claire 93 came this

13.12.15 001

What a lovely decoration for my tree, thank you so much Claire.







Comments on: "A weekend away,the pothole and two surprises!" (13)

  1. Oh, what a wonderful week, so many nice places to stay! I love family get togethers – definitely the best thing about Christmas, especially if you have a large family that doesn’t get chance to do it very often. The whole pothole thing seems a tad ridiculous – wouldn’t it be nice if you were allowed to just get a few quotes and split the bill equally? Good to see your #stitchingsanta parcel has arrived – how exciting?!

    • It is ridiculous, the whole problem was the contractor wants to send one bill and have one payment, no one could run the risk of someone not paying up as we are also dealing with two landlords, one a charitable trust and the other a housing association who doesn’t get back to us! The charitable trust needs things done formerly hence the great kuffle! Twill be done! Eventually!

  2. I’m having a chuckle about your pothole – I live in Northumberland, at the end of a very rural, private (shared ownership) lane – and ours is far worse. Some folks are too hard up to contribute financially to repairs, so we are hoping to get a working party out this Christmas …..hmmm, could be tricky 🙂 What a lovely mini family break you describe – lovely place, and how nice to get generations together like that.

    • The pothole is getting serious, you have to balance your car on the good side to get by, eventually the dust bin lorry will break the whole road. Tricky situation but it does have its funny side! Good luck with your road. The weekend was wonderful but noisy!

  3. Really enjoyed this post! Love trekking around that green countryside and gorgeous old buildings with you 🙂

  4. What lovely accommodations for your getaway! Normally 25 people in one house would sound crowded, but your rental seems perfect to let the whole family stay together.

    • Yes we had 11 bedrooms, 9 were en suite, perfect. One large sitting room and two rooms for eating in , one we used for the evening meal and one for breakfast.

  5. How lovely to get all Mr E’s family together and have such a wonderful house almost all to yourselves – looks like a wonderful weekend. Sorry to hear about your mum. As for the pothole, what a carry on!

  6. What a lovely post! I feel like I got to have the Christmas holidays in Great Britain. I would love the walks and the full breakfast and the crafts and the views….

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