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Photo Challenge- Movement

lavender farm aug 15 006

I have never been a big fan of grasses, since the ubiquitous Pampas Grass of the 1970’s. However the way these grasses moved in the breeze at the Lavender farm completely changed my mind. I shall be looking at a way to include grasses in my garden.

Pop over to Wild Daffodil to see some fast movement.



Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Movement" (8)

  1. Oh yes, I could be converted to Pampas grass after seeing this photo – it’s stunning!

  2. A lavender farm sounds great. You can see the lavender and the grasses bending in the wind! I wonder if grasses are easy care?

  3. You can see which way the wind blows there. Love the lavender, like you, not crazy about grasses. Great photo.

  4. It looks like the grass is moving like waves on the water in that photo.

  5. I’m with you Cathy, not so keen on grasses, but these really are so fluffy and wafty I could be converted. Thanks so much for the link – only 4 more weeks to go!!! I’m going to miss it!

    • Me too, looks like Blue Daisy backed out! Maybe we could do our own list 26 each?

      • Great minds! I have left a message on Bluedaisy:

        “Hi Jamie, I have so enjoyed your Photo Challenge! and have kept going – the end is in sight and I actually feel like I might get to complete it, much to my amazement! I will misss it next year. I get the feeling you might be taking a break from blogging and the Photo Challenge – would you like to create a list for next year? I don’t mind ‘hosting’ it at Wild Daffodil, OR I was wondering about inviting the Bluedaisy participants to come up with some prompt words to create a list for next year. Please let me know how you would feel about that. Wishing you all the best and a HUGE thank you for your list it has been FUN!”

        I was thinking of including Melissa of The Aran Artisan and thinking of contacting Erika, Garry and Roz who were regular contributors earlier on.

        I’m so excited that you are thinking along the same lines!
        I will email you to talk details and see where we go from here xxxxxxxxx ❤

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