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15 for 2015- December

Inspired by Laura at Made in Oxford I set myself some goals for 2015. Looking at the post I wrote to go with them when I drew up the list I think I knew then that my family was not through the darkest of days. I clearly knew that I would need the support of others, that I would have a temptation to hunker down and would need to push myself to do nice things for myself and others. The list was achievable and fun and did indeed get me through 2015, so I could support others and come out of the other side , ready for 2016. I get ahead of myself. Here’s the last update for 2015.

15 minutes walk x 4 times a week, I eventually felt that I lacked ambition on this one but in the early days going out for 15 minutes was an achievement.

14 bags to a charity shop- When my Dad died and we put his house on the market I knew the temptation would be to fetch too much home and become a hoarder who couldn’t get in the front door for stuff. Little did I know it would take so long to sell his house. Fingers crossed we actually do so very very soon. I have 6 more bags from his house ready to go to charity shops as I write, but decided a couple of weeks ago to do the unthinkable. I took a bag of yarn to a charity shop asking for wool. It hurt! Deep down I knew it was surplus to my requirements, but still it hurt and when Mr E said WHY ARE YOU TAKING WOOL? it was all I could do to go through the doors and hand it over.

13 animal photos. Easy to take pictures of animals, but hard to take good ones. I achieved this quite early on , but kept going because it was such fun. My favourite is on the Page “15 for 2015,” but it was hard choosing just one. The family of ducklings were just so sweet,  this one really made me laugh a dog at the Malton Food Festival.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 008

He so wanted to Jump, the food on the stall below smelt so delicious.

12 meeting ups with friends and family- I really appreciated how good it was just to be with other people and not just sitting at home worrying about stuff. And I got to meet fellow blogger Rachel from The Little Room of Rachell.

11 New savoury recipes tried– well I tried 11 and some more. However I had a tendency to change ingredients or add them according to our taste with the result that they tasted like inferior versions of meals we already liked. Only one was a total disaster.

10 handwritten letters sent- and of course ten letters written back to me, which was just lovely.

9 handmade cards made and sent- loved doing this and the recipients said nice things about them.

8 Sewing or embroidery projects done. Loved this one too. Here are the hand stitched gifts that went to my secret Santa partner.

25.11.15 002

A little box onto which I embroidered a woodland scene. This was my favourite piece all year long as it came straight from my heart.

25.11.15 004

A lavender heart which I also embroidered.

25.11.15 006

I made this little box into which I put

25.11.15 007

a Dorset button brooch.

7 new yarns tried. I failed here, only trying two , mostly because I couldn’t find any but also because I make garments for children and their Mums/Dads like them to be machine washable.

6 Trips to museums/theatre/ cinema etc. Just wonderful to go out for the day and see new places, so often prompted on where to go by the Photo Challenge. So glad I have got to collaborate with three others on the 52 week photo challenge for 2016.

5 projects for charity. Completed this one this month with a blanket for memory boxes for bereaved parents.23.12.15 002

Still a bit curly and in need of more blocking.

4 new walks- achieved but not as long as I’d hoped for, due to damaging my heel in Greece. By the way it doesn’t hurt so much now except if  I stand on it for a long time. Hopefully longer walks will be possible soon.

3 Craft workshops- well I couldn’t find any I fancied so instead I built on ones I had attended before and did three projects inspired by workshops from previous years.

2 New cities visited- not the two I expected, mostly due to not being able to link my schedule to others. Salisbury was wonderful.

1 railway journey- not the one I expected, but I did travel by train, twice in both directions. And it was a good experience. Always next year.

0 impulse purchases- I wrote very thorough shopping lists all year!! But still failed and it was Charity Shops wot did it! Jugs , books and magazines. Could have been worse.

So here ends 2015.Have a very good New Years’ Eve and see you in 2016




Yarn Along

Thornton 30.12.15 015

The last Yarn Along for this year. Nearly finished my book The Master by Colm Toibin, the story of the writer Henry James told through a narrative of the most significant people in his life, his sister, female friends, and male friends, the latter may have been more than just friends. The scene shifts between Rome, Venice , London, Ireland and Rye in Sussex. An enjoyable read which I may get finished this year!

Slow progress on my latest cardigan for Little Miss F, the front and back is knitted in one piece so a row takes longer than usual. But the little dogs are done! Lots of ends.

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- Joy, AND news of a brand new photo challenge for 2016

Back in May I joined the photo challenge on Blue Daisy. The subject was Sky. It seems fitting to end where I began, with a photograph of the Sky, not the blue sky of the 5 May but sunrise in December over our back garden. The Natural World  can bring Joy on even the hardest of days.

23.12.15 003

And so to 2016.

Four, fab, photo friends have collaborated to create this 52 week photo challenge

Let us introduce ourselves:

Cathy from Nana Cathy

Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Sandra from Widl Daffodil

We have so enjoyed Jamie’s (Bluedaisy) photo challenge that we just did not want to stop – many thanks to Jamie for starting this off and for her great list of prompts – we hope we have created an equally inspiring list.

The ‘rules’ such as they are, are very relaxed. It is up to you to take those prompts and run with them:

1. You could make it your own challenge to post a photo each week for 52 weeks,


2. See each week as a fresh challenge and enter as many weeks or as few as you like. You will be very welcome whenever you want to join us.

3.We intend to enter just one photo as the ‘challenge’ photo, but feel free to enter as many as you like.

4. Whether you like to take a new photo each week according to the subject, or search your archives to find a photo that fits – all are welcome.

5. Join in at any time during the year, the more the merrier.

6. Each week the PROMPT goes live from 9am GMT on Monday to 9am GMT the following Sunday. We start on Monday 4th.January, 2016.

7. Anytime during the week post a photo inspired by the prompt on your blog. Once I have posted my photo that week (usually on a Tuesday) you can add your link in the Comments section of her post. Alternatively let me know if you want to join in regularly and I will add your blog address to our list of regular participants.

You are welcome to download and keep the list or display it on your blog.

Melissa and Sandra like to combine the Photo Challenge with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge. Sometimes it is an extra brain-tease but on the whole one often seems to support the other – it really is fun – have a go!

Or maybe the photo will inspire a poem or short story – oooh – some fun possibilities!

But of course there is absolutely NO need to combine them if that does not appeal – this is primarily a photo prompt.

Primary Aim: FUN!

And so to the list of Prompts. The list will be accessible throughout the year in the Page called 52 week Photo Challenge, above near the  About Page.


Graphics by Rainbow Jane. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Looking forward to seeing how we all interpret Game, next week

Happy Photographing!

SAL, end of December

I finished the needlecase I was making. I loved doing the stitching but the construction was a nightmare. Enough said.

23.12.15 008

And the back

23.12.15 010

Not quite centre back although I stitched just where the diagram showed me too.

And I had enough time to stitch Mr E his very own Christmas card.

23.12.15 001


The Needlecase was a kit from Textile Heritage avaiable to buy here

The card is by Mouseloft available here

25.11.15 009

Mr J may have thought his son, my grandson Master H wouldn’t think the birth sampler “cool” and would have to to “sell” it to him, but he was wrong. Master H LOVED it. It had his name on it and oh my, his birthday too and he loved the stories of Percy the Park Keeper, and would Daddy hang it straightaway! Such a happy Nanacathy.

Next year I am starting with a Flower Fairy! Been in my to start pile for a few years already and high time I stitched it.

Please do look at the other participants taking part in the SAL, listed below.


Avis at http://sewingbesidethesea.wordpress.com

Claire at http://claire93.wordpress.com

Gun at http://rutigt.wordpress.com

Carole at http://aslightobsessionwithbooks.wordpress.com

Jule at http://fromtheboudoir.wordpress.com

Wendy at http://thecraftersapprentice.blogspot.co.uk

Lucy at https://lucyannluna.wordpress.com

Jacqui at http://thestitchingline.com

Jess at https://everthecrafter.wordpress.co

Secret Santa Revealed!

With great joy I opened  My Secret Stitching Santa present, gifted to me by Lynn from the Tialys

Look what a lucky lucky lady I am…

26.12.15 001

This was how my parcel looked when I took off the wrapping paper. On the top two gorgeous balls of yarn.. mm what can I do with those I wonder.

26.12.15 002

This cute owl pincushion, I love owls and this one is so pretty.

26.12.15 003

Would you just look at this project bag, I adore the fabric, and perfect for small cross stitch projects.

and inside, of course there was inside..

26.12.15 004

Look at those buttons and the dog lavender bag and the applicuts. Oh my!

Did I say cross stitch?

26.12.15 005

A lovely book packed full of cross stitch patterns and some threads. Be choosing something from in there very soon. And last but not least

26.12.15 006

A very pretty bookmark.

Thank you so much,you must have spent ages looking round my blog as everything I like to do best is catered for.

And thanks of course to Sewchet for organizing this for us all.

Happy Christmas

One last very quick Christmas make. The table centre decoration.

23.12.15 005

One glass bowl from a charity shop, price £1.50. I was very aware when I washed this that it was probably a cherished triffle bowl, so I was very respectful of it. In the centre a sweet smelling candle, round the side a selection of green and red baubles , from My Dad’s attic and some “red berries”.

Got this idea from a Christmas decoration workshop I went on two years ago, so I am counting this as my final craft workshop make for my 15 for 2015.

Have a very Happy Christmas, and I will see you the other side with the contents of my Secret Stitching Santa parcel, which I have to tell you I am very excited about opening. I have had to hide it from myself in a drawer to stop me peeking!!

Yarn Along!

23.12.15 007

On the needles another little cardigan for Miss F. I made this before in a smaller size,in a slightly different colour,  it has dogs round the bottom which I am just about to start knitting. She loves dogs. Should be a knit. Her Mum has shrunk the Peppa Pig jumper, how could she?

The Master by Colm Toibin is about Henry James. I like the books of Henry James, and have visited Lamb House in Rye where he lived. The book reads like a novel rather than a biography, and is thoroughly enjoyable.

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along

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