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Sew Along- November

I am really enjoying stitching my needle case, there is no deadline as it’s for me, just the pleasure of needle and thread.

Whitby Nov 2015 001

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Coat-hangers and Ghouls

Whilst I love the fabric covered coat-hangers I made earlier I wondered if I could give them a less girly feel for my step grand-daughter who is in the Goth phase of teenagehood now. So using the Waking Dead fabric I covered some coat-hangers and finished them off with a little black flower.

14.11.15 002

I liked it so much I made three in the end.

14.11.15 001

The last one has no embellishment at I am going to hang the little black bag I made around it, in which will be some jewelry, her main present.

Now I am left with two pieces of the fabric, one measures 80cmx8cm and the other is 50cmx30cm. Any ideas anyone?


Photo Challenge- Spin

castle museum July 21 2015 031

Don’t you just love this Juke Box, picture taken at the Castle Museum in York. I just had to spin a disc but which one did I choose? How well do you know me ? Love it if you took a guess!!

Was it

A, Lazy Sunday Afternoon by The Small Faces

B, Daydream Believer by The Monkees

C, House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

Answer in next weeks photo challenge.

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Sunday Sevens!

We began the week with a trip to Harrogate. In particular here.

7.11.15 004

Now I really really wanted to go here as I knew they stocked some fabric which I NEEDED. Oh my what a wonderful shop, absolutely stocked to the rafters on two floors with so much lovely, lovely fabric.

7.11.15 007

Michael Miller Dawn fairies fabric. I am going to try to make a dress for Miss F next year. But I also needed this fabric.

7.11.15 008

Which will be something for Ms J, maybe for Christmas if I get my skates on. Details of the shop here They do mail order but I wanted to see the fabric for myself before buying. It is good quality. And if that wasn’t enough opposite this shop was a wool shop and just up the street a sewing machine shop, and two tearooms, and street parking. Bliss!

And so to Saturday when we had to go to York, I didn’t have long here, but there was time to go the Viking Loom, a favourite sewing shop, where I picked up a couple of Christmas presents and some bits and bobs, as you do. But a bit of time to take some pictures to share.

7.11.15 018

One of the city gates, known as Bars in York.

7.11.15 019

York Minster.

7.11.15 021

And most apt for this week the site where

7.11.15 020

Guy Fawkes was born. For readers not in the UK, we celebrate Guy Fawkes day on 5 November,which was the day the Plot to blow up Parliament and the King was thwarted.

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Hearts and buttons!

I rewrote one of my 15 for 2015 ideas, so that “attend three craft workshops” became “do my own craft workshops”. Last year I attended a Christmas workshop in which the tutor simply gave us the instructions from a magazine, demonstrated what to do and off we went. So for my first craft workshop at home, I did the same. Took an idea from a 2010 Women’s Weekly magazine and made these.

hearts and buttons 002

Christmas decorations which I think might work just as well as Valentine Day decorations. Hearts are about  9cms at the widest point, sew on a selection of buttons, sew two heart shapes together with blanket stitch adding stuffing and a ribbon at the top as you go. Time taken, 2-3 hours, one craft workshop at home.

Photo Challenge- Sharp

Oh how I struggled with this one, until Saturday, and here is the cutest photo you can think of..

halloween 2105 013

Little puppy Sharp snappers!! The latest member of Mr J’s family. Oh how I need another dog!

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Sunday Sevens ( Monday, again!)

We were away this weekend, all about Halloween and housewarming this time. Hope you enjoyed Halloween where you are. We headed off down South (again), but first I made

halloween 2105 002

Treacle toffee and

halloween 2105 004

Vanilla Fudge. I also made a gingerbread… I learned not to turn gingerbread out of a silicone tin whilst still hot, it broke immediately into quarters, but iced and sliced who knew!  I also learned not to overfill a quiche, or it will overflow. But it too tasted fine. Disasters over, I took along a little housewarming gift for Mr J who has just moved into his new home.

halloween 2105 005

Hopefully remind him he’s a country boy at heart, not a Londoner. May seem like a strange present but Mr J really really destroys oven gloves.

halloween 2105 019

I just love their stand for cookery books and couldn’t resist a picture.

halloween 2105 022

Master H enjoying fudge before his transformation into someone quite spooky. I love his red trousers.

halloween 2105 029

There is something really scary about a clown in repose. Time to cheer you up with Little Miss F, who looks just adorable.. well I think so , but then I would as I am her Nana Caffee

halloween 2105 038

With a late birthday present from her Uncle B!

Home again late last night to find that the electricity had fused in our absence. Cue ten minutes total dismay and panic, till we located the problem as a radio!!  Foggy today, but time to start planning for Bonfire Night!

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