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15 for 2015 ( November)

One month left to go and by and large I have been occupied with everything I wanted to do for Christmas. However,there is quite a bit of time between now and 2016 to achieve my goals for this year. 31 days in fact!

15 minutes walking 4 times a week- still plodding on!

14 bags to a charity shop- still 10 but I have two ready to go. Surely I can do this!

13 animal photos- DONE

12 Meetings up with family and friends-10, had a wonderful weekend away with extended family and friends in November.

11 New Savoury Recipes tried- DONE

10 Handwritten letter sent- DONE this month , and I still have all my Christmas cards and letters to do.

9 Handmade cards made and sent-DONE

8 Sewing or embroidery projects completed- DONE this month, been busy on my Secret Stitching Santa, can only do a sneaky peek for now but here you go

25.11.15 003


25.11.15 001

7 New yarns– not happening, two only

6 trips to museums etc- DONE

5 projects for charity- still 4 but plenty of time left!

4 new walks- DONE

3 craft workshops- since I changed this to follow ups from previous workshops I have done two, one more to go

2 New cities visited- DONE

1 Railway journey- DONE

0 Impulse Purchases- Failed, but I have learned to keep out of charity shops, especially the book and jug sections!


Comments on: "15 for 2015 ( November)" (9)

  1. Lots and lots achieved there 🙂 And you’re right still 1/12th of the year to go -0 even if it feels we’re almost at the end. Cheering you on to do the rest.

  2. Great job! I like the concept of the 15 for 2015. I might have to join in on the 16 for next year. 🙂

  3. You have gotten so much done, and with still a month left, I have no doubts you will add a few more DONE notations to the list.

  4. Impressed at how much you have achieved and still time for more! Well done. If you hadn’t set the bar so high maybe you wouldn’t have done so much. You’re inspiring!

  5. I’m actually amazed you’ve got on so well. Sounded a lot at the start of the year. Well done.

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