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Coat-hangers and Ghouls

Whilst I love the fabric covered coat-hangers I made earlier I wondered if I could give them a less girly feel for my step grand-daughter who is in the Goth phase of teenagehood now. So using the Waking Dead fabric I covered some coat-hangers and finished them off with a little black flower.

14.11.15 002

I liked it so much I made three in the end.

14.11.15 001

The last one has no embellishment at I am going to hang the little black bag I made around it, in which will be some jewelry, her main present.

Now I am left with two pieces of the fabric, one measures 80cmx8cm and the other is 50cmx30cm. Any ideas anyone?



Comments on: "Coat-hangers and Ghouls" (22)

  1. Very cool hangers! How can anyone not like the Walking Dead anything? For the leftover fabric…hair scrunchies, coffee mug rug, coffee mug cozy?

    • I wondered about a scrunchie but wasn’t certain people still wore them. Now a mug cosy could be good as Ms J does love her hot chocolate. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. a project bag? Do you have another fabric you could use for a lining? I love padded hangers!

    • Yes I have some plain black fabric, that could be a good idea. Glad you like padded coat hangers too. I get a thrill every time you use one!

  3. Love it! You could sew a peg bag out of the left over fabric.

  4. A pencil case? Or zippy pouch for other use.

  5. I think a little zipped make up bag would be perfect.

  6. How about covering a notebook? Claire (of Claire93 fame) made some brilliant ones.

  7. Love these, very cool 🙂

  8. Perfect! I’m sure your goth teenager will love them.

  9. She will love those hangers what Goth wouldn’t ? Maybe a fabric corsage with the left over fabric to pin on clothes or bags other than that no idea !

  10. Love the hangers. Adding the jewel bag is a sweet touch. You’ve had a lot of good ideas here. I’d think of a cell phone bag but the cell is rarely out of their hands. 🙂 I think most teens go through that stage. Mine did too.

    • I am drawn to the idea of a drawstring bag, or phone bag, maybe a scrunchie or corsage with the smaller piece. I am so glad I asked for help, so many super ideas, only having had boys myself I am rather out of my depth!

  11. I was thinking a fabric flower too. Or a small Christmas stocking.

  12. I love the way the goth hangers turned out. And the idea of a little jewelry bag hanging on one of them is a very neat idea. Great ideas already presented to you for the leftover fabric. I seem to be fresh out of ideas right now. 🙂 Love and Hugs, Tamara

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