Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

We were away this weekend, all about Halloween and housewarming this time. Hope you enjoyed Halloween where you are. We headed off down South (again), but first I made

halloween 2105 002

Treacle toffee and

halloween 2105 004

Vanilla Fudge. I also made a gingerbread… I learned not to turn gingerbread out of a silicone tin whilst still hot, it broke immediately into quarters, but iced and sliced who knew!  I also learned not to overfill a quiche, or it will overflow. But it too tasted fine. Disasters over, I took along a little housewarming gift for Mr J who has just moved into his new home.

halloween 2105 005

Hopefully remind him he’s a country boy at heart, not a Londoner. May seem like a strange present but Mr J really really destroys oven gloves.

halloween 2105 019

I just love their stand for cookery books and couldn’t resist a picture.

halloween 2105 022

Master H enjoying fudge before his transformation into someone quite spooky. I love his red trousers.

halloween 2105 029

There is something really scary about a clown in repose. Time to cheer you up with Little Miss F, who looks just adorable.. well I think so , but then I would as I am her Nana Caffee

halloween 2105 038

With a late birthday present from her Uncle B!

Home again late last night to find that the electricity had fused in our absence. Cue ten minutes total dismay and panic, till we located the problem as a radio!!  Foggy today, but time to start planning for Bonfire Night!

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Comments on: "Sunday Sevens ( Monday, again!)" (16)

  1. Oh my, toffee! Gingerbread! Two of my favorite things….Halloween costumes are so cute (and scary), and lucky Mr H for having those cool new farm kitchen linens and mitts!

  2. Um, did you say toffee? Yum!

  3. Your fudge looks amazing! And very fudgey 🙂 Love the kid’s halloween costumes – the clown is very scary!

  4. “Nana Caffee” – I love that! What a lovely gift for a new home too, very tasteful and a good reminder of his roots.

  5. Cute costumes – very scary clown! Love the book stand, v clever.

  6. Now those opening photos look incredibly tempting! Hoping they’ll be something similar available at the bonfire display we’re heading off to on Thursday 🙂

  7. I think I’ll be having nightmares featuring that clown! Sounds like a fine weekend all the way around!

  8. Vanilla fudge is my favorite. I only make it a Christmas since I can’t resist it when it is in the house.

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