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The Big Knit!

Passing the window of the Age Uk charity shop I spotted the notice that the Big Knit is upon us. Basically you knit a little hat for an Innocent Smoothie. They go on sale in February and Innocent Smoothies donate 25p for each one knit, to turn into blankets, hot water bottles and afternoon get togethers for the elderly. Full details can be found on the The Big Innocent Knit website, I tried to do you a link, but their cookies stopped me from doing so, sorry.

I spent a happy afternoon making these four.

arboretium 2015 043

I followed the basic pattern, using the little balls of wool from left over projects. Now if you look on the website, then there are some super patterns, which are very tempting. It was fun to do, but I can’t help thinking it would have been better to just give the Ā£1 to the charity shop as a donation. However, I suppose that the hats raise awareness when they appear in the shops? Do you think so, or did I just waste my time?


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  1. Nothing you make with love and generosity of spirit is a waste of time in my book! They are very cute! And yes, they get people talking. ā¤

  2. If you enjoyed making them then they are definitely not a waste of time. For myself I tend to resist joining in because it feels like a marketing exercise by Innocent but it does seem fun as well.

  3. If you’re using up scraps of yarn and enjoy doing knitting them, then it’s worth doing. It may be good advertising for Innocent, but it raises awareness (and money!) for the elderly at the same time, so everybody benefits.

  4. Forgot to say that they are really cute and beautifully done.

  5. claire93 said:

    I think it’s a great way of using scraps, and it’s nice to be part of a bigger project for awareness.
    It might also have some people Learning to knit too ^^

    • Yes I used up the little bits which are too small to even crochet a flower with. Pattern is very simple. Pompoms took the longest time.

  6. I agree, it raises awareness, so not a waste of time.

  7. They are so cute! And definitely not a waste of time, awareness is just as important as fundraising… the more people know, the more there are to donate šŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for the tip off, I missed last year’s. No not a waste of time but it is easy to be cynical with a big brand. I actually bought a few bottles last years, simply drawn in by the best looking hats. So yes it is a marketing ploy that works! And they probably have the money already set aside in their ‘charity/good causes budget’. However, it does raise awareness so surely a good thing.
    I kept the hats and and shall be sending them alongside mine;)

  9. Since it gave you a happy afternoon, it was worth far more than the money you would have donated. And the hats are really cute!

  10. I love the big knit (it is possible to join in Germany too). And I don’t think that it is a waste of time…. it can’t because it is done by heart and you put more thoughts and love in it than with grabbing a penny out of your purse. https://knettycraft.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/november-review/ … here you can see m last year’s hats.

  11. Absolutely not! We treat ourselves to lots of these when they have their little hats on! My daughter keeps them for various toys or playing ‘shop’ with afterwards and seeing them in the shops always makes me smile šŸ™‚

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