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Photo Challenge- Listen

I love silence, but can you listen to silence,?  I think you can, get away from people and stuff and bliss Silence.

But how to take a picture of silence? The last bastion of man made Silence “The Library” is now as noisy as anywhere else.

Thought moves on…. Listen Shhhhh

The sea , shhh, listen, float away, gentle lapping against unseen rocks

Parga, Greece September 2015 002

or a river rushing down in full spate

Richmond Castle 035

Listen, listen, listen

Hope you enjoy some quiet moments today to just listen.

Me , I am having coffee with a friend, her mother is unwell, I will listen.

Linking with Blue daisy for this photo challenge

Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Listen" (20)

  1. I love this post. I too love silence – and I love the sound of the sea.
    Today I have a quiet morning, apart from the sound of the forage harvester cutting the maize, this means I get my view across the fields back – always an exciting day in October.
    I can hear a wren peeping in the hedge as I write.
    This afternoon will be noisier – I collect Little Miss M at 12.30.
    Have a lovely day. Warm wishes to your friend, how nice she has you in her life to listen. xx

  2. […] Another soothing take on ‘Listen’ by Cathy. […]

  3. The only time I hear true silence is at 3am when I go for a wee and everyone in the house is asleep…..

  4. My favourite silence as a child was at night looking out of my bedroom window at the stars.

  5. Listening to the sound of water, waves, rivers, even creeks, is so soothing.

  6. But are these things really silence? Are they not the noises beneath the noises we usually hear?

  7. We have contractors banging….but hubby is upstairs taking a nap (with earplugs?). Mom is sitting next to me with a cookbook, drifting off. In spite of the commotion, they are sleeping, and that gives me peace. Love this post. How nice that your friend has such a good listener during her trying time.

  8. Sometimes I like to drive without the radio or music. Just to be quiet and calm myself. Even though technically there is the background noise of the car…it’s nice to tune out.

  9. I would say this is about the quiet, but not silence. I’ve seen tv put people in a completely silent environment and they are all freaked out by it. I don’t think we are never in total silence….white noise is ever present. I appreciate quiet time.

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