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Sunday Sevens

I’ve been away- to celebrate , in case you didn’t guess, Miss F’s second birthday. We went to Peppa Pig’s world, in the New Forest, proper name is Paulton Park.We also went to a Butterfly World and I visited my Mum in Wales. I have come home exhausted after a hectic ten days( in which I really impressed myself by blogging three posts via my mobile phone, a real achievement for a techno-nincompoop like me) !! Anyway this week’s Sunday Seven were taken on our day to see Peppa Pig. And after this there will be no more Peppa *****Pig from me for some time!! That tune!! If you have a small child in your life you will know just which one I mean!

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 100

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 092

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 116

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 083

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 122

Yeah,note the Nana Knit!! Still love the elephant buttons.

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 120

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 132

All Peppad out , and that makes two of us!

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Comments on: "Sunday Sevens" (17)

  1. Kind of miss Peppa and her friends! My two are a little old for it now, but I sometimes catch then giggling away to it, if nothing else on. Daddy Pig is such a fab character 🙂

  2. OH my goodness! There is such a thing as Peppa Pig’s World! My son would faint with joy…might have to fly all the way across The Pond just to go.

  3. No little ones so I’m unaware, blissfully. The cardigan is beautiful and so are the buttons.

  4. Haha you really are Peppa Pig’ed out aren’t you! You can tell that the kids had a great time! Now I hope you are going to get a little rest this week 🙂

  5. I know very little about Peppa pig but your posts always make me laugh 🙂 well done on posting with your phone!

  6. Not such a techno-nincompoop! Great to hear you’ve had a great ten days.

  7. That little cardigan with the elephant buttons!! And I don’t know, is there anything sweeter than a sleeping tot after a long, happy day? (good job on the posts, I’m falling down terribly since having my mom and sis here – but oh, are we having fun!) Peppa Pig is very popular here, too. Great Sunday photos!

  8. Peppa Pig jumper, toy and now Peppa World – my, you must be a favourite nana! Love the sleepy photo, what a good time she obviously had:)

  9. My 3 year old twin granddaughters are obsessed with Peppa Pig – know what you mean about the song! So cute to see that your Peppa went along too – zzzzzzzz!

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