Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Why I Knit

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 070

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 072

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 081

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 106

Because someone loves what I make.

How about you? Why do you knit, or crochet, or craft?


Comments on: "Why I Knit" (29)

  1. Gorgeous photos!

    Keeping my hands busy, especially while watching TV
    Sensory – touching lovely materials
    Giving to others and using snugly warm makes myself

  2. Your pictures says it all! Crafted items needs to be enjoyed or used. And the best part of many projects is to imagine what a person would like to get!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love Peppa 🙂 I crochet / sew / paint etc to keep me sane – it’s incredibly relaxing to just focus on the here and now. Also what you end up with often makes great gifts which are made with love.

  4. Who could resist knitting for that urchin!!!

  5. What a lovely little girl. A very good reason to make things!

  6. For that reaction, I might learn to knit too. What a beautiful smile on that little one. I think I make things to leave a little of myself in the world and hopefully bring a smile to someones face when they use what I’ve made. I still have all my mother’s needlework and it keeps her close to me. Tangible proof that she was here.

  7. You couldn’t ask for a better reaction than that! Adorable creation and recipient!

  8. That is one happy reason to knit! I crochet because it helps feed my need to create things, tangible things. And I love being able to give handmade gifts.

  9. What wonderful photos!!! I craft purely for the self indulgent love of it. It is the doing something for me when I spend the rest of my time doing stuff for others.

  10. Creating and making something with my own hands is a way to add something good and beautiful to our world…. a kind of my personal fingerprint… most of what I make I give away and as you said it feels good making sth which is loved.

  11. Oh so cute!!! And so satisfying to have something one has made so appreciated.
    I knit, sew etc because I just have to – it’s like food and drink to me – I’m not sure why that is – my Mum taught me to knit aged 5 and I’ve been going ever since – nature or nurture – who can say. Crafting has got me through some very difficult times on my life and can keep me calm when having to wait for things.
    And I too love making things for others. I really do believe that if creativity was more highly valued and taught all over the world, especially to boys, there would be less fighting, more collaboration.
    Creativity is the answer!
    (oops! just got on my soap box there!)

    • I quite agree, so much of what is taught in school is prescriptive. I have a poem somewhere which I must post on that subject, not written by me by the way but given to me when I trained as a preschool worker.

  12. Mostly for the process but it’s a bonus when you get a reaction like in your photos!

  13. claire93 said:

    I craft primarily for me (now how selfish is that?) ^^ Meaning, I craft because I enjoy it, and I love the buzz it gives me. However most of my craft projects are destined as gifts for family and friends.

    • Not selfish at all, I also craft because I enjoy it, I wouldn’t knit I don’t think if I didn’t, no I wouldn’t! Starting is easier than finishing though!! But seeing my makes put a smile on someone face keeps me very motivated!!

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