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Photo Challenge- Shadows

This one was really difficult. I tried a photo of a flag blowing in the wind, terrible picture, then one of a castle turrets, boring. I have settled on this one, which would have been better if it wasn’t nearly midday.

Parga, Greece September 2015 086

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Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Shadows" (6)

  1. This challenge really made me think, the difference between reflections and shadows, the way shadows don’t stay put as in the case of the flag as it blew in the wind, the lengthening and shortening of shadows according to the time of day, the sinister connotations of the word shadowy, the thoughts just kept coming. The picture was taken in Greece or I would go and retake it!!
    Thanks for all your thoughts on the picture.

  2. Lovely image. Are you going to go back and take it again with different shadow lengths?

  3. […] Go see Cathy’s graphic response. […]

  4. I do like the graphic quality of this shot with the lines of the paving stones and the seat and the lamp-post. It’s great the way these challenges stretch us. xx

  5. I guess the good thing is it made you think about the nature of shadows and thinking about new things is always good for the brain 🙂

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