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15 for 2015- October

Gosh 5/6ths of the way through the year, and we are leaving Autumn now the clocks have changed and heading towards Winter. Time to update my progress on my 15 for 2015.

Florrie and me

15 minutes walk x 4 times a week. Here stepping out with my beautiful granddaughter at a Butterfly World and Children’s Farm at the start of the month. My kind of pace with a poorly heel, and I promise not to mention the sad state of my heel again. Anyway still trying to walk regularly.

14 bags to a charity shop- another one gone, 10 in total. Still plenty of time to achieve this

13 animal photos taken- achieved already but still taking themFlorrie's 2nd birthday 2015 016

Butterfly at Butterfly World

12 meeting ups with friends- Met up with my friend Jane, Really appreciated how important it is to make time to see friends, in the hustle and bustle of life. 9 so far.

11 New savoury Recipes tried. YES! Two more this month. Tried a new gambit this month and had a go at replicating meals we had eaten out. First up was Chicken in bacon and creamy leek sauce, nearly right, and delicious, and a celeriac quiche which Mr E had eaten this month whilst staying with his brother ,in a London vegetarian restaurant, apparently it tasted right but I thought it bland. But no worries total of new recipes tried 12. Brother does not live in London restaurant!!

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 009

Dinosaur in the Butterfly World.

10 handwritten letters to friends- one sent this month, but two sent to me. I love the Postman when he brings me a proper letter. 8 in total now

9 handmade cards made and sent- already achieved

8 sewing or embroidery projects completed. 2 more done this month, 7 in total

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 027

Another dinosaur in the Butterfly World

7 new yarns- still at two and not likely to change

6 trips to museums etc- achieved already

5 projects for Charity-Little hats sent for Age UK campaign- total now is 4

4 new walks- I have decided to count the walk around the arboretum as a new walk as I had not been before, we were walking for at least three hours.So that means I have achieved this too!

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 037

Little Miss F feeding the goats

3 craft workshops- so not happening, can’t find anything I would like to do at a price I can afford. Most unusual for me , so I am tweaking this one with two months to go, to be three projects based on craft workshops I have attended in the past, and believe me there are plenty to choose from!

2 new cities visited and 1 railway journey, already achieved. And this month NO Impulse Purchases.

I am starting to think about my challenges for next year. I wonder how you have done this year and might you try 16 for 2016 next year? One last picture

Florrie's 2nd birthday 2015 044







Yarn Along!

Been a while since I wrote about knitting and books.

25.10.15 006

Currently knitting another little jacket for Miss F, this will fit her next year, so I am knitting at a slower pace for a change and really enjoying it. Books are Thin Air by Ann Cleeves, set in Shetland and a book of felting projects, both from the Library.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


Photo Challenge- Excitement

There was an advert on TV a few years ago for a holiday company which showed office workers rushing down the steps of a hotel shedding brief cases, ties, jackets as they charged towards a swimming pool, all to the tune of Schools out for Summer. That advert just caught that wonderful feeling of freedom you get when you leave work for your holiday. And head towards this …. now that’s excitement!

Parga, Greece September 2015 017

The view from our apartment in Greece, booked independently by us.

With apologies for not being able to remember the holiday company in the advert concerned.

Linking with Blue daisy for this challenge.

Sunday Sevens (Monday)

Quiet sort of a time last week, not really lending itself to many pictures. Chimney sweep came on Friday, the residents of our private road had a meeting about The Pothole, which needs fixing (private roads are mended by the residents), it’s covered in leaves at the moment from the Horse Chestnut tree or I would show you the Hole, it is getting quite big, maybe next time. I went to the Doctors to confirm my heel problems diagnosis, sandals, rough path and old age are no good on one’s heels, be warned youngsters. Turns out I had virtually done all I could, so now I am taking Ibuprofen three times a day, should start to feel better after Wednesday.

But on Tuesday we woke to a lovely misty moist morning.

23.10.15 001

There’s the sun just coming up over the rooftops.

23.10.15 002

I just loved the cobwebs on the washing line.

This week I had one of these

25.10.15 003

The l cake came to me from my brother, sister in law and Mum in a hamper from Betty’s, oh my

25.10.15 001

Shortbread, tea, Florentine biscuits and 4 iced fondant cupcakes. MMMM

Our runner beans are still producing, we pick them daily so that when the frost comes we won’t loose too many. Two more bags for the freezer

25.10.15 004

I found these, I think they are cyclamens, I forget what I plant, under the dahlias.

25.10.15 005

Nestling in the leaves of 2016 Spring Bulbs, ok and weeds.

And as that is just 6 pictures, I am sharing one sent to me last week taken by my very kind daughter in law, sharing with you because deep down I know you are missing Peppa Pig really.

Florrie in Peppa jumper

Sleeves too long!! Ah well, she looks happy and that’s what matters.

Linking with Natalie at Threads and Bobbins




Sew Along -October 25th

THANK YOU FELLOW SEW ALONGERS AND BLOGGERS! I have only gone and finished the birth sampler for my grandson.  I started it in 2009 intending to have it ready for his first birthday. But my husband had major health problems and it didn’t happen, even after Mr E got better. Each January since then I got the sampler out, added some more stitches and put it away again. But in May, 2015,  I was inspired to join in the SAL. Best decision I could have made with this project. So a big thank you for your encouragement and support.

23.10.15 004

I completed the hedge at the bottom, and added his name and DOB to the middle, which I can’t share , sorry, sign of the times, and stitched the remaining grasses to all the little creatures.

23.10.15 005

So it’s now gone to the picture framers, and I will show it in its final glory, maybe not next time but certainly in six weeks time.

What next? Sorting out some magazines I came across one of those half finished free gifts, magazine dated 2000.

23.10.15 006

and finished two napkin rings

23.10.15 007

Then I found this which was a Christmas gift to me a few years ago and not yet started, so this is what I am doing now whilst I figure out which big project to tackle next, and, believe me I have a very good selection of non started cross projects given to me over the years to choose from!

23.10.15 009

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The Sampler is based on the books Percy the Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth, designed by Adele Welsby.



An Afternoon in the Workhouse!

Ripon Workhouse closed in 1950, and was converted to an old people’s home. However the Vagrants cells remained in use till the 1960s. In 1974 the residents in the home were moved to a purpose built home, leaving the workhouse exterior pretty much recognizable from when it was built in 1854. The main buildings are now used by the CAB, Girl Guides and various local charities. The Vagrants rooms have become a Workhouse museum, and that’s where we headed for our afternoon in the Workhouse.

ripon 2015 023

Had we been a vagrant back in the day the first place to stop would have been the bathroom, for a lovely shower.

ripon 2015 005

or bath

ripon 2015 006

And the water in the baths wasn’t changed between bathers. Clothes were taken off for fumigation.

ripon 2015 009

In there, and replaced with the uniform.

ripon 2015 008

The smock on the chair is the uniform for tramps, you can see the dress for female residents above.

ripon 2015 010

The bed here is what a Mum and a child would share. Men and women had separate accommodation. There was a strict regime of prayers and  work. Work could include tasks to help with the running of the establishment, maybe in the kitchen ,the laundry, workshop or garden. Or picking oakum just like Oliver Twist. Oakum being rope, which when worn was pulled apart to be reworked into new rope. Hence money for Old Rope. Vagrants could stay two nights only and then had to move on , they too had to work for their keep. Meals were eaten in silence and meat was served three times a week, about 6 ounces per male inmate. There was a Doctor in attendance so often poorer Mums to be would go to the Workhouse to have their babies to ensure medical attendance.

ripon 2015 014

Vagrants had individual cells to sleep in

ripon 2015 013

Basic education was provided for children

ripon 2015 015

The Kitchen Garden would have been quite a good place to work I think

ripon 2015 004

Better than building these coffins

ripon 2015 019

ripon 2015 017

Chopping wood would have been hard labour too.

As you go round the museum you realize that by far the biggest groups of residents were the elderly who were too frail to work, and those with learning difficulties or mental ill health. Treatment of “difficult” people was barbaric, but that it is to judge it through the eyes of 21st Century England and not in context of knowledge at the time.

ripon 2015 020

A restraining chair, not nice.

Apparently my Great Grandfather was a Clerk to the Governors, obtaining this position some time between 1870 and 1880 in Pickering. I didn’t really know what this entailed till I did some research at home later. The Governors in Ripon met fortnightly, about 35 of them representing the the rate payers of all the parishes served. To quote from the Museums booklet 9 by Anthony Chadwick, ” Their business was assisted by a Clerk, always a solicitor….A lawyer was needed since the Poor Law was complex, and difficult decisions had to be made over poor relief ( the Dole, or Benefits as we would call it in 2015) , or even admission to the workhouse, since the poor had statutory rights, as also had the ratepayers.”

Now further investigation tells me that the very minutes to the meetings at which my Great Grandfather was clerk to are actually in the local county records office. I feel another journey coming on, but maybe in the Spring next year.

Thanks for stopping by, I can most definitely recommend this museum.



Castle Howard Arboretum

The sun shone, well mostly, so we headed off to the Arboretum at Castle Howard for some Autumn Colour, which I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

arboretium 2015 013

The Lake

arboretium 2015 012

Glorious oranges

arboretium 2015 021

Purple autumn crocus, I like that I can an insect inside the petals.

arboretium 2015 033


arboretium 2015 040


arboretium 2015 022

And more reds

arboretium 2015 031

A dead tree left for the bees and insects

arboretium 2015 030

The vista across the valley

arboretium 2015 029

A shelter to rest in

arboretium 2015 036

A Fairy home

arboretium 2015 018

And more fungi

arboretium 2015 027

Clouds, I thought the blue in the middle looked like a rabbit. Mr E says I am very strange.

arboretium 2015 034

Glad this cat is not for real

arboretium 2015 039

And Lunch, Homemade mushroom soup and a cheese scone.

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