Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Sunday Seven’s

So Summer became Autumn this week, the days are sunny but the evenings are cooler. So the seasons turn.

On Sunday the urge to play with fabric was just too much and I made this little dog, even of he looks more like a horse

22.9.15 002

Monday began with a delivery of these

22.9.15 001

Tuesday, I took some flowers to the cemetery, I like to pick some from Dad’s garden , it brings me closer to him somehow to show that the garden is still cared for.

22.9.15 003

The view is lovely from the lane by the cemetery, right across the Vale of Pickering is just so perfect.

22.9.15 005

We needed to go across town on Wednesday, down some lanes I must have traveled on many times , how come I missed seeing this bridge by the road?

22.9.15 017

Thursday, I was rootling around my crafty hoard when I came a cross half a dozen knitting patterns I had previously mislaid, they were in a totally ridiculous place, no wonder I couldn’t find them. I got organized. Look at my folder, and I have even put three unwanted patterns in a bag for a charity shop. How good is that?

25.9.15 001

And Finally TAHDAH!

Peppa Pig jumper is done and dusted, a mite on the big side perhaps, but done in time for Little Miss F’s birthday.

25.9.15 002

And no self respecting Nana could just give a jumper, could she? Here’s the trousers to accompany it, with Peppa herself. It’s meant to curl by the way…. just in case anyone was thinking well that’s a bit of rubbish knitting.

25.9.15 003

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Comments on: "Sunday Seven’s" (16)

  1. Oh my, what a gorgeous present – a whole outfit AND a matching toy! You’ve set the bar pretty high for me seeing as our first grandchild is due today:)

  2. Oh Peppa turned out beautifully! Lucky little miss, indeed. And such sweet tribute for your dad, don’t we miss them so.

  3. Lovely blog to read. I also knitted that Peppa Pig jumper. A year on it is still roomy for my grand daughter but lots of fun for her to wear. Yes very casual with the no rib but she loves it. How lovely to find the matching trousers for her as well

  4. Weel done, lovely jumper and trousers and toy, wow, there will be one very happy little girl.

  5. A good satisfying week. Especially finding those patterns! I am pretty well organized, but I do have this one almost-finished cross stitch, where I am always coming across the pattern OR the cross stitch, but never both at once! And by the time I find one, I forget where it was I saw the other last. I know it feels good to get them organized.

  6. Looks like a good day and good week. Lovely jumper.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! What an absolutely beautiful gift! I’m sure your granddaughter will love it!!

  8. I love Peppa! She’s a big theme in our household. Muddy puddle season is almost here. Three cheers for firewood (until I have to go split kindling in the pouring rain because one unnamed spouse forgot to do so…)

  9. Yay! Well done finishing Peppa. Really fab. I’m sure she’ll love it the whole outfit and the toy 🙂

  10. What a fab gift. Peppa pig … I guess I have that to come now I’m a granny too.

  11. The Peppa Pig outfit & toy are so precious! Well done you 🙂 I really like your dog too! I once made a similar one but accidentally stitched the back legs together so it ended up having 3 legs :-0

  12. That sweater is simply adorable!

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