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15 for 2015- September

How the seasons pass- Autumn already, but with a bit of luck we shall continue to enjoy an Indian Summer. We had a lovely weeks holiday in Greece, and I have been in catch up mode ever since. The cooking apples and runner beans are stacking up nicely in the freezer.

Time for an update on my 15 for 2015 goals.

15 minutes walking 4 times a week. Even though my left sole hurts like billyo, I have managed to do this still.

14 bags to a charity shop-one more went this month, total is now 9. Getting there slowly.

13 animal photos- achieved already but I have four lovely ones to add in this month. How about this little moggy- Greek of course. After “doors” surely cats are the best photographs to come from Greece. I know I mention Greece a lot, but my mother in law was Greek, so I feel I have to do my bit to help that country. And if it means going on about Greece well I shall.

Parga, Greece September 2015 009

12 meetings with friends- total remains at 8

11 new savoury recipes- I made a stuffed aubergine dish , frankly it was horrible, total now stands at 10

10 handwritten letters- 2 written this month, total is 7

9 handmade cards- achieved already

8 sewing/embroidery projects. I made a little dog I will be posting about tomorrow and also these covered coathangers. Total projects completed  is now 5.

13.9.15 005

7 New yarns- 2 tried and I don’t think there will be time for more this year

6 trips to museums etc- achieved already

Time for another animal picture, don’t you love this cow?

22.9.15 028

5 projects for charity-3 completed

4 new walks-it might have been in Greece, but walking like a mountain goat is definitely going in this total- the walk to Ali Pasha’s castle

Parga, Greece September 2015 139

3 craft workshops-still at a big fat ZERO

2 new cities visited. Yes! turns out Ioannina is a university CITY, and with Salisbury that makes the two.

Parga, Greece September 2015 085

And while I am on the subject of Greece, how about these goats?

Parga, Greece September 2015 044

1 railway journey- achieved already

0 impulse purchases, I am keeping out of charity shops, so total number of failures stays at three

And here is my final animal picture, which has got to be my favourite one this year.

22.9.15 043

How are you doing with any goals you have set yourself this year?Do leave a link to a post you may have made on the subject.







Comments on: "15 for 2015- September" (5)

  1. Oh I love Greece. I can’t believe you didn’t take me with you! Hoorumph. Next year?

  2. Some more great photos and obviously the animal ones win hands down for the cute factor! You set yourself so many goals that I’m amazed you remain motivated to keep going. You’re made of sterner stuff than me. My biggest goal after having to close my photography business due to slipped discs, was to start a sewing school – which I’ve finally done!

  3. My goal for the year was to do a 365 project to work on something creative every day. I’ve made it so far, only 96 days to go! I love your idea of 15 for 2015!

  4. Thanks! I am l pleased you liked my horse. I have researched my foot problem on the internet. It was caused by walking in sandals! It could take a year to get better. A YEAR! Cure is don’t walk far on it, wear shoes with thick soles and rest. Well I had sort of already figured it out. Other advice is take ibuprofen and exercise. Trying to figure out exercise that doesn’t involve standing! Oh and loose weight! Some serious lifestyle decisions to be made!! It’s annoying because I haven’t worn silly shoes since I was a teenager and to have been caught out like this doesn’t seem right. Ah well the joys of getting older.

  5. You are right. Animal pictures win hands down. Doors are good too. 🙂 The horse is a beautiful photo. Hope you are getting that heel looked after before it turns into something more serious, We owe our feet a great deal for carrying all our loads so we must be kind to them. You are making great progress. I have yet to make my list. 😦

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