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Photo Challenge- Empty

Now I am a glass half full kind of person

Parga, Greece September 2015 035

Empty is such a very sad word to me. Consider Empty Headed and  Empty Handed , so negative, just nothingness, empty.

Greece has been in the news a lot this summer, the refugees/immigrants coming to Europe for a better life via Greece. But they don’t want to stay in Greece, despite the lovely people and the climate, because, I assume ,Greece is in a dire financial position.  Parga where we were based was busy , lots of tourists with money to spend. But come away from the coast and it’s a different story. I was so struggling with the word Empty and how to meet the photo challenge, but then there it was in Greece.

Lunch Time away from the tourist trail.

Parga, Greece September 2015 109

Empty cafe, and down the side streets

Parga, Greece September 2015 117

Empty  derelict shops, and on the way out of the university city of Ioannina, this is the motorway, built with EU funding.

Parga, Greece September 2015 121

Empty, at 4.45pm on a week day. So sad.

Then the glass half full side of me pops up, Empty and nothing means Opportunity, those empty buildings could come to life again. So I shall do my bit and visit Greece whenever I can , and share my pictures of Greece to encourage everyone to visit.

So expect a few more pictures of Greece in some of the coming photo challenges! Have you booked your next holiday yet? Greece anyone?

Linking with Blue Daisy for this challenge here

But what I would love you to see and read and is this at Wild Daffodil. I think it’s brilliant. To me it depicts Empty nest syndrome!!

PS Since I started drafting this I realized I had two exceptions to my Empty feeling. I love being in the countryside when it is empty of any man made noise, and I love it when you have the pool all to one self on holiday!!


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Empty" (10)

  1. I like your thinking. Always a positive to be found, just sometimes you need to look a bit harder for it 🙂

  2. I’m in tune with you on this, especially as I am sat here typing on my iPad looking out at ten miles of emptiness from the rear French windows. Bliss!

  3. I like that empty is opportunity. I see empty as waiting to be filled. Same thing as opportunity. I’ve often said that half empty or half full, I darn happy to just have a glass. 😉 As for Greece, I’ve heard a lot of the Mediterranean countries are often happy to have our money but not so fond of us. It’s hard to see a country struggling to survive. So many are.

    • Well yes, it’s good to have the glass. The Greek people we encountered this year couldn’t have been nicer and were very friendly and helpful. We have been on some islands where money grabbing was the order of the day. I think it helps that we booked independently of a package company, and were a direct booking. Package deals tend to be cut to the bone for the accommodation owners.

      • I think I have only been on one package deal and had no clue about them being cut to the bone.Personally, I have seen how many American’s behave in foreign countries and understand their being unwelcome. Many would not be welcome in my home either.

  4. Funny how a word can have such a feeling attached to it. I’m going to take your cue and consider empty to mean opportunity. I like that.

  5. Lovely post. I have been to Greece a couple of times, but years ago – once with my kids on an activity holiday and once on an organised walking holiday – I will definitely think about it again. Thank you so much for the shout out – I really like how these challenges bring us all together. ❤

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