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Photo Challenge- Peace

Taken earlier in the year at Cerne Abbas

Dorset June 2015 091

The Church Garden, a place for Peace and Reflection.

Joining with Blue Daisy for this challenge



Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Peace" (12)

  1. I do love this photo of the gateway, leading us through, into the light! such a lovely metaphor. I know Cerne Abbas well but have never been in the church garden, thank you for the prompt. There is a lovely walk up over the Gaint’s hill, along the ridge and down the valley the other side – you have given me the inspiration to walk it again after what must be at least 25 years.

    • Oh please take some photos and share them with us. I loved Cerne Abbas, the locals were so friendly. This garden is Just round the back of the church, it was so peaceful to sit there and think. Thanks for stopping by.

      • I went to the garden on Sunday! it is GORGEOUS and you are right – so peaceful and full of interesting plants. I took loads of pictures – thanks so much for the intro – hope to put a post together soon.

  2. I so love photographs like this that invite you into the beyond.

  3. Lovely photo, you feel that anything is possible, the world opening up before you

  4. […] first I just had to find the church garden that Cathy had posted a photo of last week. I have been to Cerne Abbas so many times, but did not know about this wonderful little […]

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