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Photo Challenge- Numbers

Oh I fell in love with this.

Parga, Greece September 2015 024

such fun

Linking with Blue Daisy for the photo challenge


Sunday Seven’s

So Summer became Autumn this week, the days are sunny but the evenings are cooler. So the seasons turn.

On Sunday the urge to play with fabric was just too much and I made this little dog, even of he looks more like a horse

22.9.15 002

Monday began with a delivery of these

22.9.15 001

Tuesday, I took some flowers to the cemetery, I like to pick some from Dad’s garden , it brings me closer to him somehow to show that the garden is still cared for.

22.9.15 003

The view is lovely from the lane by the cemetery, right across the Vale of Pickering is just so perfect.

22.9.15 005

We needed to go across town on Wednesday, down some lanes I must have traveled on many times , how come I missed seeing this bridge by the road?

22.9.15 017

Thursday, I was rootling around my crafty hoard when I came a cross half a dozen knitting patterns I had previously mislaid, they were in a totally ridiculous place, no wonder I couldn’t find them. I got organized. Look at my folder, and I have even put three unwanted patterns in a bag for a charity shop. How good is that?

25.9.15 001

And Finally TAHDAH!

Peppa Pig jumper is done and dusted, a mite on the big side perhaps, but done in time for Little Miss F’s birthday.

25.9.15 002

And no self respecting Nana could just give a jumper, could she? Here’s the trousers to accompany it, with Peppa herself. It’s meant to curl by the way…. just in case anyone was thinking well that’s a bit of rubbish knitting.

25.9.15 003

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15 for 2015- September

How the seasons pass- Autumn already, but with a bit of luck we shall continue to enjoy an Indian Summer. We had a lovely weeks holiday in Greece, and I have been in catch up mode ever since. The cooking apples and runner beans are stacking up nicely in the freezer.

Time for an update on my 15 for 2015 goals.

15 minutes walking 4 times a week. Even though my left sole hurts like billyo, I have managed to do this still.

14 bags to a charity shop-one more went this month, total is now 9. Getting there slowly.

13 animal photos- achieved already but I have four lovely ones to add in this month. How about this little moggy- Greek of course. After “doors” surely cats are the best photographs to come from Greece. I know I mention Greece a lot, but my mother in law was Greek, so I feel I have to do my bit to help that country. And if it means going on about Greece well I shall.

Parga, Greece September 2015 009

12 meetings with friends- total remains at 8

11 new savoury recipes- I made a stuffed aubergine dish , frankly it was horrible, total now stands at 10

10 handwritten letters- 2 written this month, total is 7

9 handmade cards- achieved already

8 sewing/embroidery projects. I made a little dog I will be posting about tomorrow and also these covered coathangers. Total projects completed  is now 5.

13.9.15 005

7 New yarns- 2 tried and I don’t think there will be time for more this year

6 trips to museums etc- achieved already

Time for another animal picture, don’t you love this cow?

22.9.15 028

5 projects for charity-3 completed

4 new walks-it might have been in Greece, but walking like a mountain goat is definitely going in this total- the walk to Ali Pasha’s castle

Parga, Greece September 2015 139

3 craft workshops-still at a big fat ZERO

2 new cities visited. Yes! turns out Ioannina is a university CITY, and with Salisbury that makes the two.

Parga, Greece September 2015 085

And while I am on the subject of Greece, how about these goats?

Parga, Greece September 2015 044

1 railway journey- achieved already

0 impulse purchases, I am keeping out of charity shops, so total number of failures stays at three

And here is my final animal picture, which has got to be my favourite one this year.

22.9.15 043

How are you doing with any goals you have set yourself this year?Do leave a link to a post you may have made on the subject.






Inspired by Greece

Digital photography frees me ( cost wise) to take as many pictures as I like. I can let the weird side of me out ( Mr E’s charming description of me and my photos). So here is another selection of the Greece that inspires me.

Parga, Greece September 2015 129

This was taken in Ali Pasha’s castle, I love the way that the opening leads to an opening which leads to…

Parga, Greece September 2015 122

Inside the tunnel on the motorway, note no cars, but I love the way that light vanishes into the distance.

Parga, Greece September 2015 115

Got to love graffiti.

Parga, Greece September 2015 111

Love the three shop windows. I mean look at the button display.

Parga, Greece September 2015 110

And that’s how to display trimmings

Parga, Greece September 2015 112

The glass on here is a bit reflective But I love this shop interior.

Parga, Greece September 2015 058

Finally a walk we did by the river I where the path just makes you want to go forward.

Hope you enjoyed this selection. Love to know what inspires you? Doors seem to have been a common love from the post of alternative Greece I wrote.



A walk to Ali Pasha’s castle

“It will be a nice easy stroll , we can park the car in the car park and it’s just a few yards up the hill, perfect for our last day!” Mr E proposed to me.


Satnav led us to the nearest village to the castle. It towered above us on the hill top, the footpath said 1.3km.

“How hard can that be?”

Answer “Blooming hard”- the footpath was loose stones, gravel roots, undergrowth and remorselessly UP

To add insult to injury when we got to the top, there was the carpark and what is more one of those tourists trains had just come up from a stop near our apartment.

So was it worth it? Yes. The views were magnificent.

Ali Pasha, sounds a nice benign sort of chap. He wasn’t. An Albanian who lived 1740- 1822, began life as a brigand and end up a tyrant of the Ottoman Empire. More info on him here. Lord Byron apparently met him and he appears in the poem Childe Harold , and more on that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Childe_Harold’s_Pilgrimage

However he did build a jolly good castle , here come the pics

Parga, Greece September 2015 142

The entrance and scene of much huffing and puffing from yours truly. Believe me the footpath was brutal, my left heel has still not  recovered, it hurts a lot and I get occasional stabbing pains a fortnight later.

Parga, Greece September 2015 127

Lovely views.

Inside is just as good.

Parga, Greece September 2015 135

There are passages inside that take you down long corridors with views out.

Parga, Greece September 2015 131

We came down by the road slightly further than that path, but easier underfoot.

Have a look at the incline

Parga, Greece September 2015 143


Can you see the castle at the top?

Parga, Greece September 2015 144

There it is a bit bigger.

Anyway much better pictures here

Love to know of any walks you have done recently, were they nice and gentle or a bit tough? This has got to be the hardest one we have done this year, and probably one of the shortest.




Photo Challenge- Empty

Now I am a glass half full kind of person

Parga, Greece September 2015 035

Empty is such a very sad word to me. Consider Empty Headed and  Empty Handed , so negative, just nothingness, empty.

Greece has been in the news a lot this summer, the refugees/immigrants coming to Europe for a better life via Greece. But they don’t want to stay in Greece, despite the lovely people and the climate, because, I assume ,Greece is in a dire financial position.  Parga where we were based was busy , lots of tourists with money to spend. But come away from the coast and it’s a different story. I was so struggling with the word Empty and how to meet the photo challenge, but then there it was in Greece.

Lunch Time away from the tourist trail.

Parga, Greece September 2015 109

Empty cafe, and down the side streets

Parga, Greece September 2015 117

Empty  derelict shops, and on the way out of the university city of Ioannina, this is the motorway, built with EU funding.

Parga, Greece September 2015 121

Empty, at 4.45pm on a week day. So sad.

Then the glass half full side of me pops up, Empty and nothing means Opportunity, those empty buildings could come to life again. So I shall do my bit and visit Greece whenever I can , and share my pictures of Greece to encourage everyone to visit.

So expect a few more pictures of Greece in some of the coming photo challenges! Have you booked your next holiday yet? Greece anyone?

Linking with Blue Daisy for this challenge here

But what I would love you to see and read and is this at Wild Daffodil. I think it’s brilliant. To me it depicts Empty nest syndrome!!

PS Since I started drafting this I realized I had two exceptions to my Empty feeling. I love being in the countryside when it is empty of any man made noise, and I love it when you have the pool all to one self on holiday!!

Sunday Sevens

Coming back home and just getting on with life seems so ordinary after a holiday, just what to take a picture of to share? The pile of washing and ironing, the letters that need dealing with, the weeds? Perhaps not. So here’s a week of getting back to normal, and lets face it I am jolly glad to have a week of dull normal. I’ll just be quiet and get on with it.

Went round my Dad’s, fingers crossed everyone we may have a buyer, but ssh, no tempting fate.. So I picked up these lovelies

16.9.15 001

There were enough for a yummy crumble and four batches for the freezer. Why is food always yummy in blog world? Anyway it was.

My trainers which I used for walking in the summer had holes. Mr E suggested that these

16.9.15 007

would be better, from Lidl £14.99. I am not convinced.

We had a trip to Malton , so more shopping

20.9.15 002

Wool to finish Mr Bs and Ms Gs granny square blanket, bulbs for the garden and some fabric, oh and some more coathangers to cover as it was such fun.

20.9.15 001

Our runner beans have finally got going, the freezer is pretty much full now.

More garden jobs include cutting the hedge. I have a purely supervisory and cheerleader role in this task.

20.9.15 003

Here it is half done!

Then this came in the post

16.9.15 002

I must not buy more wool, I must not buy more wool, I must not buy more wool. If I say it often enough will it stop me, at least for the rest of 2015?

Finally one of my favourite things in September are the lovely sunsets, here’s the one from Wednesday night.

16.9.15 004

Inspired for this post by Sunday Sevens at Threads and Bobbins


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