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Sunday Sevens

Inspired by Thread and Bobbins I have taken pictures of my week again. None of the topics would run to a full post but they show how my days pass by, which is much quicker than they used to!

First of all we had one one of theses.

9.8.2015 010

41 years!  ssh! So then we had a lovely meal out to get over the shock Celebrate!

5.8.15 009

That is mushroom and brie wellington and new potatoes and carrots and parsnips.Yummy!

There was some baking this week, with the masses of blackcurrants still coming from Dad’s garden. There were Blackcurrant flapjacks, recipe was for blackcurrant energy bars but I changed so many of the ingredients I won’t show the link. Now they look messy, all my bakes do, but by golly are they sticky fantastic!

5.8.15 001

And blackcurrant teabread, I used white caster sugar as that was what was in my cupboard.

5.8.15 002

And it was very tasty.

I don’t know what has got into Mr E, he keeps making me order more wool, Why, I have plenty, it has to stop, really it does!!!!

I NEED to make Little Miss F a Peppa Pig jumper. Had the devil’s own job tracking down a supplier who had all the colours I needed. Somewhere I had read about the Wool Warehouse. I was so impressed. They were cheaper than anywhere else. The parcel arrived in double quick time and it looked so lovely when it arrived.

5.8.15 011

In its own bag. Aaah.

I finally finished knitting and stitching together all the bits for my two colour cardigan. We had a trip to Boyes in Malton. I found the perfect buttons.

5.8.15 012

Now look really carefully at this picture, can you see the problem? Answer at the end!!

We went strawberry picking at our local Strawberry Fields fruit farm. By golly they are super.

9.8.2015 008

That is seven pictures. But I seem to spend most of my time outside in the garden , weeding, so here’s an extra picture of my handywork.

5.8.15 013

Did you see the problem. A button with just one hole. The moral of the tale is always check your buttons for the requisite number of holes!! Hope you enjoyed my week, I certainly did.





Comments on: "Sunday Sevens" (14)

  1. Belated Happy Anniversary. Lots of yummy baking. Shame about the button with the missing hole, but well done on finishing the cardigan.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am really looking forward to seeing your Peppa Pig jumper…and your finished 2 colour cardigan 🙂 Those strawberries look yummy too!

  3. I’ve used Wool Warehouse. They do seem to be a good company and I have one of their bags too! Thought it would be good when washing really small items in the washing machine. Lovely bakes and look forward to seeing the finished jumper.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Mushroom and brie wellington sounds divine – I am definitely going to try that out. I buy most of my yarn from the Wool Warehouse too, they have some brilliant offers on most of the time and I love the bags they pack the yarn in. I did spot the missing hole – can you drill another one?

    • Thank you. My meal was delicious , definitely recommend it. MrE volunteered to drill a hole but I worried it would shatter. All is well, the shop changed it this morning so ny tonight I should have a lovely cardigan! I will certainly use the wool warehouse again if Mr E gets worried that we don’t have enough wool!!!!

  5. What a lovely week! So funny- your button with only one hole!

  6. A one holed button? Is that like a one armed paper hanger? Who would have thought that was possible? Once you mentioned something about the buttons, I saw it. I would probably try to drill the other hole but then It might be rough and cut the thread. Happy 41 year Anniversary!!! I was married 42 years. To two different men. :)) Not at the same time! It would be nice to find one worth keeping. It’s lovely you had a nice celebration. Baking doesn’t have to be pretty as long as it’s good. And it looks really good. So does your garden.

  7. I use Wool Warehoise as well, they’re so fast and I love those bags too!
    I spotted the one hole button, that’s annoying but it’s an opportunity to go back to Boyes for a little wander again, I suppose.

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