Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I have been enjoying the Sunday Seven’s inspired by Threads and Bobbins  for many months now, and I thought I would join in. It’s harder than one would think to take seven pictures of everyday life. But here goes.

Ryedale show 2015 001

Our idea for having a sweet pea trellis, failed a bit, but this single sweet pea fragranced the whole of the kitchen. Better luck next year.

Ryedale show 2015 003

The Broad Bean harvest has begun. We usually eat the whole pods in a vegetable casserole before they get too big, these we allowed to grow to full size and very tasty  they were too.

Ryedale show 2015 018

One off my Summer bucket list, we went to the Ryedale Agriculture show. It rained steadily pretty much all day!

Ryedale show 2015 014

However, down amongst the sheep we spotted Alan Hanson, from Countryfile ,filming.

helmsley 2015 001

It was so cold on Wednesday night we actually lit the wood burning stove.

helmsley 2015 002

We have had lettuce for a while now, but on Thursday night we had a full salad from the garden.

helmsley 2015 004

Finished the week off with a morning out to Helmsley. Coffee, the market, the wool shop, and oh no I bought four second hand Stitch magazines from the Oxfam shop. Another impulse purchase. When will I learn to keep out of charity shops.

Hope you had a good week too.




Comments on: "Sunday Sevens, on Monday!" (13)

  1. Shame about the sweet peas – they are so lovely. Better luck next year. As for an interesting life – having joined Sunday Sevens recently too, I’m concerned all my winter posts will consist of is Mr Hick’s walks!

  2. Those broad beans look delicious, although I prefer to pop them out of the skins which takes ages! What a shame about the drizzly day at the show – I’m sure you didn’t let that spoil your enjoyment especially if you spotted a celebrity. I can’t believe you had to light the woodburner in August!!!!!

    • Oh yes we had a lovely day. Us Northerners know how to wrap up and wear their wellington boots! We are big fans of Countryfile, so that was a huge bonus and there were several marques with produce, crafts etc. It really did get very chilly last week! Better this week.

  3. Thanks for joining in! Your fireplace looks so cosy 🙂 I think a few of us have done Monday Sevens this week! Ha!

  4. Thank you 😊

  5. Interesting. Like all the photos. Your life sounds more exciting than mine!

  6. delightful post!

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