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SAL- August update

Slow and steady is getting me there, thanks to joining the SAL.I am stitching a birth sampler, long overdue as Master H is now 7 years old and this should have been ready for his first birthday. The characters are based on the stories by Nick Butterworth of Percy the Park Keeper.

This is where I was three weeks ago

6.7.15 003

and this is where I am now

helmsley 2015 009

I am back stitching the mice and the final leaf motif is complete in the top right hand corner.

helmsley 2015 010

and down the bottom I have started Percy himself!

helmsley 2015 011 Now I am worrying about those creases in the middle, will I get them out after all this time? Anyone have any tips?

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Comments on: "SAL- August update" (19)

  1. claire93 said:

    well done – you’ve come a long way!
    for creases . . . don’t worry about them for now. Once project is finished, a wash in luke warm water and then a good press while damp (with a tea towel on top) should do the trick.

  2. taurielgreenleaf said:

    You have done so much, looking really good, it will make a beautiful finished sampler. Also my tip is if you don’t need to wash the piece ( i.e. its not marked in anyway,) I find a very hot steam iron (on cotton setting) between 2 plain white tea towels still works well to remove creases, make sure you iron from the back to bring the stitches up slightly raised on the front. Also another tip is if you are going to wash it – check the threads you are using are colour fast-as you can get caught out sometimes with some of the deeper dyes depending on the make of floss. If you are going to frame it make sure you get a good acid free card for mounting, I can recommend a good one for framing if you haven’t bought before.

    • Thanks for the hints. I will try just pressing first. I don’t usually have an issue with creases but this project has been folded up far too long. I have a wonderful picture framer who does the stretching and mounting too but I will stress the acid free board. I hope DMC floss is colour fast but I will be most careful!

  3. Lovely progress. It’s really coming on now 🙂

  4. Cute little mice 🙂 I would recommend washing if you’re going to have it mounted. There’s always some sweat and grease from handling even it’s not visible, if you press without washing it may show as stains later.

  5. It’s coming on very nicely. No advice about getting out creases but I might try some of the suggestions for a piece of aida that I have that was left from a project with my children years ago!

  6. Looking good you’re getting there

  7. All the animals are so cute! I´m not sure I no about this story. Don´t think we have it in Swedish!

  8. This is going to be really lovely 🙂 I use a plant spray filled with water. Try just a little spray first and then press on the back. If it needs more, do it again. Test on an area away from stitching to begin with.

  9. A wash would be best, to get rid of dust and marks from handling… Take a spare piece of white fabric, stitch a couple of stitches on it in each of your colours, and wash gently by hand using a wool wash liquid. Rinse and squeeze out gently, and allow to dry. If any of the colours run, you know that washing isn’t an option, in which case use a fine water spray on the reverse, and a steam iron on the fabric between two clean tea towels.

  10. Wow. That is talent. Very cool and impressive.

  11. Great to see your progress. Well done 🙂

  12. Percy the Parkkeeper books are the best! Great piece, it’s nice to see it coming on (super fast progress as I’m so behind on reading all blog posts!)

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