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15 for 2015- August

I can’t believe we are now two thirds of the way through 2015. Bloggers are trying so hard now not to use the C word.  Personally I am sticking to it being late Summer, I will not be catapulted through the seasons.

It’s been a lovely Summer in my little bit of North Yorkshire. We have been blessed with lots of warm sunny days. Slight hiccough a couple of weeks ago but the colder snap was short lived, and today could be better.

Life this month has been tranquil and enjoyable. Next month the garden will go crazy with runner beans and courgettes all needing attention, but right now its steady away.

So how are my 15 for 2105 coming along.

15 minutes walking four times a week– trying to walk whenever possible. Mr E  tries to park the closest he can get in a car park, I choose a spot as far away as I can. You wouldn’t believe the squabbles we can have over our parking behaviour.

14 bags to a charity shop– still at 8, but I have a made a determined effort to wear all my summer clothes this year. Failed I’m afraid, where did they all come from, or more important why have I got so many?

13 photos of animals– achieved already but I am still taking them

Heather 2015 024

12 meetings with friends- back on target 8 meetings. When one is worried about life it’s so easy just to stay home and it does me so much good to see and talk to real people.

11 new savoury meals made-9 tried now, this month I made a veggie meal, spicy chick peas and aubergine in tomato sauce. It was even better when we had the leftovers next day.

10 handwritten letters to friends- half way there, five written. This is dreadful just five hand written letters in 8 months.

9 handmade cards made- I have achieved this already but I am thinking about some cards for  you know what

8 sewing projects- I have started some coat hangers and the SAL is on going. 3 only completed

7 new yarns used- I finished the Alpaca cardigan, so that’s two done and that is probably it for this year

6 trips to museums, theatres etc– completed this month with a trip to the theatre, Neville’s Island and to Richmond castle.

5 projects for charity- 3 down now as I responded to Mollie and Claire here and knitted these Easter eggs for a children’s treasure hunt in 2016, such fun to do and nice to be helping someone.

Richmond Castle 006

4 new walks– half way there two done

3 craft workshops-whoops,none

2 new cities visited- still just Salisbury, but I have plans

1 railway journey– done

0 impulse journeys- failed again. Charity shop, again. I bought a book, and why because I liked the cover and the title.

Richmond Castle 001

Well really , what sort of a reason is that!!

Still enjoying myself which is the main thing! How are you doing with your plans and hopes for 2015. Still plenty of time to go.






Sunday Sevens

I have been really strict this week and kept to the Sunday and the seven bit of Sunday Sevens. Seven photos which tell you more of my every day life. I started the week with a trip to a car boot sale in Hutton le Hole.

Heather 2015 002

Now I am not terribly keen on car boot sales, too much rubbish, too high prices and Mr E takes FOR EVER! This one also made me a bit sad, one couple had boxes and boxes of cross stitch fabric,kits, threads etc. Initially I thought GREAT, then I remembered that really and truly I don’t need anymore supplies. Then I realized from the rest of the stall they were selling off the craft materials from one of their Mums. So sad. A lifetimes passion reduced to white plastic boxes on a field. I decided then and there that I must make a real effort to use what I have and not acquire more stash.

After that I had a mooch round a nearby craft fair, popped into a craft workshop, selling glass buttons, good intentions right out the window, bought some lovely glass buttons,which I now can’t find to show you. Then we had coffee at the local pub. Photo of that omitted to keep me in the seven limit. But you can imagine pub and coffee.

Then up onto the moors to enjoy the heather. I love heather,  try to imagine the delicious smell of honey in the next picture, because the moors smell of warm honey when the heather is in full bloom.

Heather 2015 012

I know most of the UK has had a rotten week weather wise, but smug mode, up here we have had lovely sunshine every day. Monday, I went to the fruit farm and picked strawberries and raspberries. Tuesday we went to the forest and picked bilberries. Please to imagine bilberry meringue pie. The new hand held mixer was a triumph at meringue, all done in a couple of minutes. The old one took nearer ten.

Wednesday we went to Scarborough , for the last of the summer sales. I think I was too late! I really wanted some new sandals but the shops were full of Boots. It’s August for goodness sake.

Rest of the week has been about the garden. Finally my hollyhock has flowered.

29.8.15 002

But there has been time for knitting and crochet and sewing. I am beginning to think that it’s probably not a good idea to have so many projects on the go at once as there are few finishes to share. So here are my WIPS.

I am knitting a Peppa Pig jumper for Miss F. Deadline is beginning of October.

29.8.15 009

Coming along. Bet you’d like to see the mess I get in whilst knitting!

29.8.15 010

How not to do it. I will show it again when I have tidied it all up!

I am crocheting a blanket for Mr B and Ms G. Coming along slowly, deadline beginning of December.

29.8.15 014

I found the safety glasses for the mosaic but it’s in the pending pile. Whilst retrieving the mosaic supplies from the wardrobe last week I unearthed the materials for something completely different. Now this sounds naff, but… When I was little my Mum had one padded coat hanger and I loved it.  Oh how I coveted it. For years and years I thought about making one. I have no less than three magazine articles dating back to the 1970s on how to do it. And a couple more recent ones. Last well maybe a few more years ago I bought some plain wooden coat hangers and found some suitable fabric to use and put it all in a bag and did precisely nothing with it.

So  there I am falling over the bag this week and feeling sad about white plastic boxes at car boot sales, so I set about some sewing.

29.8.15 011

There we go, two with ribbon round the metal hanger, two more ribboned and wrapped with wadding and two finished. naff or not I love them!!

So I hope you like my week, thanks as always for the inspiration for this to Nat at Threads and Bobbins

Love to hear about your week and your WIPS!!

Photo challenge- Silver

Taken at Richmond Castle last week.

Richmond Castle 026


Richmond Castle 023

Linking with Blue Daisy for the photo challenge


Sunday Sevens- on Monday

A day late with my Sunday Sevens. I really should rename it today as Monday Eights, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it. A quieter week this time.

Start with this lovely picture from my garden.

16.8.15 005

I love the blue.

We had a day out to Richmond castle at Mr E’s request.

Richmond Castle 014

Love the interior of the old hall

Richmond Castle 018

Richmond Castle is built on a hill and the river roars past below.

Richmond Castle 020

Afterwards we popped into the local market hall.

Richmond Castle 034

I was so happy. One stall was selling DMC embroidery silk. I had run out of one shade for the Birth Sampler I am stitching. I must have ordered the silks mail order because nowhere round here stocks DMC.

The week before there was a very minor domestic crisis chez moi. My Kenwood chefette ceased working. Ominous groaning and growling from motor, scary fragments of something falling out. It was no more, deceased, etc etc. Can’t say I am impressed –  it was a wedding present, only 41 years old. Bit of a  panic on the meringue front too and I had to hand whisk it. This week a new hand held mixer was purchased ( I am saving up for a super duper swanky all singing and dancing mixer). Cue the cake I made this week. I can’t believe how quick it was to mix. Think said chefette had been giving up the ghost for sometime.

Richmond Castle 040

A while back ( probably in May) there was another domestic crisis. I was over enthusiastically upping the blind in the guest bedroom and crash bang wallop it fell down bringing with it the (MY) treasures on the window cill. Including a mosaic mirror I had made 4 years ago at a mosaic evening class. One of the tessari was knocked off. This week I decided it was high time I fixed it. Rummage in the wardrobe to unearth the box of mosaic making craft implementation and Instructions. Shame  on me, all it needed was a dab of PVC glue!

Richmond Castle 045

Languishing at the bottom of the box was the mosaic I started but failed to finish.

Richmond Castle 046

Surely I can do this by the end of September. All I need do is find some safety goggles. Mr E?…Please feel free to nag me, it really helps.

Love to know of any project you really would like to finish.

Inspired as always by Threads and Bobbins. Do check out the other Sunday sevens

SAL- update End of August

Three weeks seem to pass so quickly! But slow and steady is working. I am cross stitching a birth sampler for my grandson. It should have been ready for his first birthday, but knitting and life intervened and here we are and he’s seven already. The project had become a WIP!  Enter the SAL. Here’s where I was at the beginning of August.

helmsley 2015 009

And now

Richmond Castle 042

Close up on the mice last time

helmsley 2015 010

Back stitching all complete now

Richmond Castle 043

And Percy, last time

helmsley 2015 011

and now

Richmond Castle 044

There is an awful lot of green hedge to do now. The only way is to do a block of 10 from the bottom , then the next and so on.

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Photo challenge- Clean!

I struggled so much with this weeks challenge, until I realized that Clean is not just a descriptive word it can be a COMMAND. If my car could speak that is what it would shout!!

16.8.15 003

still covered in mud from the Ryedale Show.

Linking with Blue Daisy for the Photo Challenge.

Sunday Sevens!

Inspired by Threads and Bobbins I have had another go at recording my week in photos! Just can’t keep to the seven bit.

On Monday we went to the Lavender Farm near Castle Howard.

lavender farm aug 15 003

What am I going to do with Mr E?

lavender farm aug 15 014

going through a gate in the middle of a field to nowhere.

Our courgettes have finally started to do something, so we had roasted veggie on Tuesday. Drizzle of olive oil, herbs scattered liberally over, 200C in the oven for half an hour. Yummy.

14.8.15 003

Thursday we went to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough to see this

14.8.15 005ever been on a team building exercise? This one goes wrong… just a bit, as it meets Lord of the Flies. Really enjoyable evening and hats off to the actors. Just before the second half there was a false fire alarm and we all had to evacuate the building. We had to  hang around for about 15 minutes while the fire brigade pronounced it safe to resume, and then the actors did just that! The show went on.

We had supper before the theatre in a new to us eatery called the Eat me cafe. The food was delicious but what I loved enough to share a photo here is this, taken on my phone.

15.8.15 phone pics 041

I love the tea cosy, but look at the blast from the past, a third of a pint school milk bottle for a milk jug! Brill!

Friday saw another knitting finish. Peppa Pig. Look at those d……d wires in the background, does every house have a nest of wires everywhere?

14.8.15 006

Saturday I went to the Memorial Hall for a craft show.

16.8.15 001

Jan from Lilypuss cards had a stall here. I met Jan last year when we attended a workshop to make needlefelt robins. Jan has recently started to hand dye yarn. It is gorgeous, but don’t take my word for it, have a look.

16.8.15 002

Now were I into sock knitting with 4ply wool I would have been hard pushed to choose just one of these skeins, so delicious are the colours. Jan has recently put some in her Etsy shop which you can see here

So that was the week that was. Hope you had a good week and have an even better one starting Now. Personally I am off to do the ironing, it can only get better! Love to hear what your plans for next week are.

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