Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

How can it be the end of another month? It’s been so busy round here. A trip to lovely Dorset, gardening, picking blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries and bilberries. Lots of meetings up with family, Mr T and his family, my stepbrother and his family and a visit to Wales to see my Mum, brother and sister in law.Mum has Alzheimers, and I spent a long time on several drafts of a post about that visit, but I couldn’t get it right and so judged it best to delete the lot. Suffice to say we had a lovely time together , even though Mum had forgotten I’d been within hours. And birthdays this month, three of them which means CAKE.

castle museum July 21 2015 038

Please note museum qualtiy kitchen in the background!!

So how am I doing on my 15 for 2015. There is a full list, just updated on the page you should be able to see above.

15 minutes walking x 4 times a week. This was too easy a goal, I can see that now, but yes still managing this

14 bags to a charity shop, none taken this month

13 animal/bird photos- ACHIEVED! I have enjoyed doing this so much I shall keep going and then choose at the year end my favourites. I may even share the disasters of which there have been far more. Here come the first two from this month

Dorset June 2015 033 and

Dorset June 2015 034

12 meetings with friends- this month was all about family Here’s a picture of one of my brother’s dogs, he has four. Mum won’t call him by his proper name. ” I call him Whiskers”, she says, you can see why. Actually he’s a rescue dog from Cyprus and you can just imagine how his life might have been, starving, scavenging for food ,sleeping  in the middle of a dusty Greek road. He doesn’t know how lucky he is, hours away from being put down when my sister in law saw and fell in love with him.

20.7.2015 012

11 New savoury recipes. I was struggling with this in June , but Rachel suggested I bought a cookery magazine. Clever idea, I did and I made a Moroccan chicken dish. Very tasty. Total now tried is 8.

10 handwritten letters- none this month, total stays at 4. But the really lovely thing about writing three letters in June is that I have had replies to them all. Just so nice to have a proper letter.

9 handmade cards- all those birthdays, I had a card making afternoon, result ACHIEVED.

20.7.2015 004

20.7.2015 005

20.7.2015 006

8 and 7 no progress, but persevering with two projects towards these goals

6 trips to museums etc- 5 down now with the trip to Corfe Castle and to the Castle museum in York.

5 through to 1, nothing to update,

0 impulse purchases, already failed, and again this month with an impulse purchase of a jug in a charity shop in Dorset. It was a question of buy straightaway or not all as we wouldn’t have been there the next day. Two impulse purchases can’t be so bad can it?

Couple of final horse pictures from the New Forest, taken whilst we were in Dorset.

Dorset June 2015 173


Dorset June 2015 176

I might try flower pictures next year, al least they don’t run away!




Comments on: "15 for 2015- July update" (15)

  1. Which magazine did you buy?

  2. I love the cards!
    I really love this way of setting goals/resolutions — it helps you realize all the myriads of things you achieve in a year. So glad I saw that post of yours and adopted the idea for myself!

  3. Well done on more achieved. I too can’t believe another month has passed!

  4. Wow! So much to think about in this post – it is like a rich and delicious fruit cake!
    Do you grow Bilberries in your garden? I’m trying to grow Blueberries with limited success and wonder if Bilberries would be a better option. My Mum is 86 with dementia – such a cruel disease. Love the cards. Do impulse buys in Charity shops count?Surely not!

    • The bilberries are wild and we pick them from woods about 5 miles away. Poor Mum is getting very muddled these days. It is a cruel illness.

  5. Very worthy goals…So much to to take stock of in life. And pretty horses!

  6. Great post, made me smile too, impressed with your goal setting and achieving! :))

  7. This made me smile. So much good in one short post. Congrats on the progress of your goals with all the rest you must be taking care of. Sorry to hear about your mother. Alzheimer’s is awful!! My aunt has it at 84 and my next door neighbor at 73 has it. I loved the cards you made and the cake looks good enough to eat. I’m ready for a slice. The most fun part is your “museum quality kitchen”. :))) Great description.

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