Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Castle Museum, York

Last week whilst celebrating a certain gentleman’s birthday we went to the Castle Museum in York.

I thought I would share some of the exhibits which caught my eye.

First we visited a set of home interiors- A Victorian parlour

castle museum July 21 2015 017

A working man’s cottage

castle museum July 21 2015 018

A 1950’s sitting room

castle museum July 21 2015 019

A 1940’s kitchen. Mr E said it looked like his Dad’s used too. Haha!

castle museum July 21 2015 020

A 1980’s kitchen.Not so Haha, it’s our kitchen. I’ve been saying we need a new one and have been saying this since we moved in 13 years ago. Our kitchen is in a museum!!!

castle museum July 21 2015 021

I kid you not, those are our kitchen units and worktops. Time for a new one! Actually it looks in better order than ours….

Then we ventured into Kirkgate, the Victorian street. The collection in the Castle museum was started by a Dr Kirk, here in Pickering. He wished to have it displayed in Pickering but the Beck Isle museum, couldn’t get up and running fast enough and the collection ended up in York.

Never mind. The street consists of shops and actors play the parts of the inhabitants. The lighting is on a timed loop to give night and day. Hence the darkness of my photos.

castle museum July 21 2015 027

That really is inside.

castle museum July 21 2015 025

You can see where the inspiration for places like Ironbridge and Beamish comes from in this exhibition.

castle museum July 21 2015 024

The museum is very big and one of the few which kept my sons totally engaged when they were little. Very child friendly. We enjoyed the toy display, which included toys right up to the present day. The exhibition about the first world war was excellent.

castle museum July 21 2015 030

This is the fashion immediately post First World War. It never occurred to me before that one of the reasons dresses became more streamline than the bustles of Victorian times was that there was a shortage of fabric.

From there we went into the 60’s display.

castle museum July 21 2015 032

More dresses and a scooter.

castle museum July 21 2015 034

And finally into an exhibition of agriculture. Before going any further read this on Woolwinding, all about strange sheepy things.

I am delighted to have

a, remembered to look for this

b, found it without asking anyone

c, no-one saw me take the picture.

castle museum July 21 2015 022

a ram preventer , circa 1870


Comments on: "Castle Museum, York" (9)

  1. Looks like a cool trip!

  2. Looks like a fascinating place and certainly sounds like time for a new kitchen!

  3. My perfect day out! Your kitchen comment made me laugh out loud – if yours is in a museum then you definitely deserve a new one! I thought the ram protectors might be a barbaric form of castration!!!!

    • Totally agree about the new kitchen. Mr E doesn’t have a leg to stand on now it’s a museum piece , officially! Those ram protectors are horrendous!

  4. Not much of a birthday treat then, more evidence gathering on your need for a new kitchen! Thanks for the sheepy link – EEEP!

  5. That blog was a bit much post Late Saturday morning breakfast! ha ha. Actually it’s interesting and I’ve never considered sheep pants and thongs before!

  6. I am enjoying my visit, I love museums 🙂

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