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Summer Bucket List

Annie wrote a lovely summer bucket list. It seemed like such a good idea to me to set down the half formed ideas I had for Summer 2015, and maybe now I will do them. Can’t beat a good list hey!. So here’s my bucket list for the Summer.

  • Pick strawberries and make an Eton Mess
  • Go to an agricultural show
  • Visit the workhouse in Ripon, and if there’s time go to the cathedral too
  • Spend time with my grandson, dependent on dovetailing our plans, my sons’ plans and Master H’s Mums plans
  • Go swimming
  • Paddle in the sea/ and or a river
  • Spend a day on the moors and enjoy the scent of the heather
  • My lavender harvest was non existent this year so visit the lavender farm
  • Go a new long walk (part of my 15 for 2015) and enjoy a cream tea


Hutton le hole Aug 14 015

So I wondered what you had planned for this summer.


Comments on: "Summer Bucket List" (5)

  1. Eat ice cream, visit the sea as much as I can, go on a boat….

  2. A great list. I need to hurry up and make an August/September bucket list before the season escapes me completely.

  3. Great idea to make a list – so often I find myself saying we must do this and this and forgetting almost immediately 😦

  4. I have a long list but nothing as relaxing as yours. Want to trade. :))

    • No thanks, I have one of those too, with things like eye test, clean oven, weeding etc. etc. This is the fun list to get me through!

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