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Photo Challenge- Scent

Just how to take a picture of scent? I wish there was smellablog for you to enjoy the scent of my garden.

The Rose, a lovely scented climbing rose from the rose arch.

flowers june 2015 037

The Mock Orange, a 50th birthday gift from me to Mr E, a favourite of his Mum’s and the flower she brought me in hospital when Mr T was born.

flowers june 2015 038

The Honeysuckle, which spreads from our garden over the garage next door.

flowers june 2015 039

I love walking round my garden first thing in the morning and last thing at night, savouring the warmth and the perfume from my plants.

Enjoy the other scents to be found at Blue Daisy



Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Scent" (3)

  1. Hi Cathy…I love Mock Orange too…reminds me of my Mum….I’m trying to plant up my garden (or backyard..lol) as there wasn’t anything worth growing in it when we moved in. I am not a gardener at all so I bought plants that reminded me of my childhood, Hollyhocks, foxgloves, lavender, lupins mock orange etc …planted summer blubs, Gladioli for my dad. They are all growing quite well and like you I take great pleasure in walking around first thing in the morning checking them all out..lol…


  2. What beautiful blooms :o)

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