Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

Here is the lovely Miss F modelling the latest Nana Knit, the one with 18 rows of confusion.

florrie in cardy June 15

Sleeves look too long to me , but her Mama says she will grow into them.

Still on the needles is my Alpaca mix cardigan, now on the second side. Aiming to complete it by August.

6.7.15 001

And the book is the latest one from the Number Ones Ladies Detective Agency. I love this series of books, full of kindness, decency and common sense, and wanders round the garden first thing in the morning, just like me.

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (12)

  1. what a gorgeous little model you have there. I have one of those models on my post today as well. They tend to wrap you around their little fingers and get away with anything don’t they?

  2. How precious! I agree with the long sleeves – I would rather have that as they can always grow into it a little more.

    • Thanks for the reassurance. I do worry! I should also have said that the picture of Miss F was taken by her Mama and not me!

  3. Normally I feel we have a different taste in books but I have read and enjoyed some of the Number Ones Ladies Detective Agency ones.

  4. Of course she’ll grow into them. That’s why you knitted them that length!

  5. That little model is ADORABLE!!! Yes, she will grow into the sleeves. What a perfect gift.

  6. I too wander round the garden first thing, with my first cuppa of the day. I love to see which new flower has popped open – best time of the day for me. I can vouch for little ones growing in to the sleeves, long sleeves do give the garment a longer life. So cute!

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