Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

First up I was the very very lucky lady who won the giveaway on Ayarnyrobin and this is the wonderful parcel which arrive for me this morning.

flowers june 2015 042

Three 50g balls of Sirdar faroe chunky yarn, which is even prettier in real life than it is on a blog. And a beautiful pink crochet rose and some stitch ring markers.  Look at the card which came too, it reads Enjoy every moment, big and small! Thank you so much Dotty Robins. Do check out her lovely blog.

Meantime I am making a better fist of the white cardigan for Little Miss F.

flowers june 2015 040

Back, two fronts and one sleeve done. Right front was a breeze, first sleeve, bit of an issue on the pattern again Row 13 is not row 11!! I must not go into a trance whilst knitting lacy patterns. I feel I should give myself a 100 lines.

I must not go into a trance whilst knitting lacy patterns.

I must not go into a trance whilst knitting lacy patterns.

I must not go into a trance whilst knitting lacy patterns.

That’s too easy on a computer!

The book, Night Waking by Sarah Moss, is set on a Scottish island. The only inhabitants are a young family. The father Giles inherited the island and spends his days counting puffins. His wife is an Oxford academic trying to complete a book whilst suffering a lack of sleep from the night waking of their youngest son Moth. Their other child is 7 and seems to have the makings of an engineering whiz, but by and large is treated as a nuisance by his mother. The plan for the family is to renovate one of the uninhabited island cottages as a holiday let, with the help of a local builder Jake. Then the family discover the bones of a small infant wrapped in a knitted blanket. The police are called.Interspersed between the chapters are letters from a young woman sent to the island in the 1870 to help reduce infant mortality, so far with no success as child births are few and far between. I’m about a third of the way in, and struggling a bit, it is hard to feel any warmth to any of the characters. We shall see.

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (7)

  1. Kwizgiver said:

    What a great prize!

  2. Congratulations!!! How exciting!

  3. YAY! Well done on winning the giveaway. Nearly there with the white cardigan. Hope the book improves.

    • Thanks, think I will make it with the knitting. I am hopeful of it being worth persevering with the book

      • It’s not always easy to know whether to give upon a book – I don’t believe in I’ve started so I’ll finish with books, but I have abandoned book group books and gone back to them later because the group have told me they’re worth persevering. And they have been.

  4. oh drat….paying attention while knitting; I just had to rip out inches and inches after failing to do an 88 stitch increase row! Figure that one out. How could I have missed THAT row?

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