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Photo Challenge- Bloom

I couldn’t choose which picture to use. I needed a plan B in case Plan A didn’t open in time Here’s plan B


flowers june 2015 033

I love the crinkly petals on poppies. Plan A opened this morning just in time, I love this pink.


flowers june 2015 030

So there we have it Bloom, wonder which one you prefer. I found this much easier than green , but then I learned a lot from the experience of Green.

Oh I had a plan C – a flower festival, which I will now post separately!

Hope your garden is full of lovely blooms. And if not have a look at the blooms on Wild Daffodil and Blue Daisy



Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Bloom" (8)

  1. Sorry! I prefer ‘Plan B’ but then I have a soft spot for crinkly red poppies!

  2. Your poppy photo is amazing! So detailed.

  3. Hi Cathy! The first one is amazing, of course I love the purple inside. But I do also love the pink one below. Thanks for sharing and I wanted to let you know that I enjoy all your beautiful pictures. Hugs, Tamara

  4. Beautiful detail in your poppy photo, but I’m afraid I still prefer plan A.

  5. They certainly both have the WOW factor! I love the detail in the red poppy, but I will always go for the pink and yellow combination for colour, and love how the light catches the bloom, so Plan A for me, by a whisker (or by a stamen). Is it a poppy too?

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