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Pickering Castle

I can’t believe that I have been blogging for about three years and not once written properly about  Pickering Castle. As children my friend Jane and I were exceptionally lucky, I think, to have this castle to explore, to escape adults and read all day long and best of all play our imaginary games of daring do. I have taken Master H here on many an occasion and he is quite the Knight in Shining armour.

Pickering castle 016

Enter through the gatehouse (Colemans Tower) to your left. View is from the keep across the town.

Pickering castle 001

This is Mill Tower, I assume so called because it overlooks the mill on the beck below. The ground floor served as a prison.

Unusually Pickering castle has two moats and so also has two baileys. The keep is within the inner bailey.

Pickering castle 005

That’s the keep up there with Kings Tower on the right. In the foreground are the ovens. Believe me the keep hill is wonderful to slide down, or I should say was, it has been allowed to be come very overgrown recently.

Pickering castle 002

The bridge connects the two baileys in front of Kings Tower.

Pickering castle 009

Seen from the keep on the other side

Pickering castle 020

This is the Judgement seat in the Old Hall, for the person presiding over the feasts, courts, meetings etc.

Pickering castle 014

This wall goes down from the keep towards Rosamunds Tower, named I believe after the Fair Rosamund, mistress to one of the Henrys. You used to be able to go into the tower at ground and mid level, but this has been closed now for a number of years. Health and safety I suppose.  Shame.

Pickering castle 025

Finally this is Diate Hill Tower, or Devils Tower. It is covered with a wooden roof so you can enter the Tower up the stairs and at ground level.

Pickering castle 026

The area in front of this tower looking towards the gatehouse was used as a tennis court when my grandmother was young, it also provided a stage for the town pageants for a number of years.

The castle is run now by English Heritage. You can read more about the castle here

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my childhood favourite place to play. I would love to know where others liked to play and what they got up to. I suppose many children now would say the sofa and computer games, or would they?


Comments on: "Pickering Castle" (8)

  1. claire93 said:

    how wonderful to grow up near a castle! I bet you had loads of fun, as a child, playing make-believe there. I used to play at cowboys and indians with my friends, in their back garden and we built a fort with cardboard boxes, a teepee with bedsheets over the climbing frame . . . oh those were the days!

    • Oh yes cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers. We had a wonderful game called the Queen Elizabeth game, full of intrigue and skulduggery!

  2. Wow! Lovely ruin. I assume since English Heritage are now in charge, kids can’t play the way you used to there?

  3. I didn’t live near a castle like you did but when we went to visit grandparents my dad would take us to Caerphilly Castle. No health and safety then and no entrance fee. We could climb and wander all over it. They have even restored some of it now and it is used for weddings. Just not the same. 😦

  4. Great to see the pics of Pickering. They have convinced me that it’s worth spending the time and money to visit the castle. I have loved castle since I was a child, though I didn’t slide down any hills as a child. Growing up in somewhere that’s very flat sort of killed that. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the intro to Pickering Castle – what a great place to have on your doorstep. Like Cathy93 we used to play cowboys and indians. I grew up on a farm and my brother and I used to go out with my Dad on Sundays to feed the cattle. He would drop us off at an old quarry and we played amongst the rocks – he would join in sometimes – happy days! I don’t think you would leave kids to play in a quarry on their own nowadays would you.

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