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Photo Challenge- Green

Here is my first attempt at Green.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 014

Undoubtedly Green, and taken on the lovely walk we had in Kirkdale, but it’s almost , well just too green. It needed some contrast. So here are two more attempts at Green , these two taken in the Museum Gardens in York, last week.

3.6.15 007

With a little more contrast in the green.

3.6.15 006

I like this  more, but truth is green and me just don’t get on. It’s just not my favourite colour, in fact it’s possibly my least favourite colour. This picture has been the hardest so far for me in the Photo Challenge.

Are you a green person? What do I need to change in these pictures?

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Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Green" (14)

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  3. I think I like the middle picture best. First because I have a thing about that bright green you have captured – just love it! It feels so full of LIFE to me! And second because of the diagonal sweep from top right to bottom left and then the curl to the right again at the bottom. I’m wondering if you would be happier if you had a strong focal point, somewhere, maybe in the foreground? Or if you took a really close-up shot? It certainly gets one thinking doesn’t it! Do you think next week’s ‘BLOOM’ will give us an easier week?

    • You could be right, I was so concentrating on the green bit I forgot focal points and all other aspects of taking a decent picture. Thanks for the feedback. I am hoping Bloom will be easier, I am so hoping a certain plant in my garden will be in Bloom in time, so far it’s just sitting in bud form. We shall see. Good luck.

  4. You know Cathy, green has not been one of my most favorite colors either. Throughout the years I have grown to love and add a good olive green and a certain limey green to my color palette. Although, I do love the looks of all the different shades of greens in the second and third pictures you took. I know that the photo was only supposed to be green but I always love the looks of beautiful colorful flowers in with my green. 🙂 Hugs, Tamara

  5. How interesting. I love green countryside, but I think if you just look at the green, without the other colours surrounding it, it doesn’t look good. I blogged a wile back about getting bogged down in cross stitching green after green after green. There really does seem to be something about too much green. Or is it just us?

    • Na! I think green is just too much Green. I know what you mean about cross stitch and green, how do you decide, forest green, from dark, mid, pale, moss, grass or whatever green. Too much green, not good.

  6. bluedaisyz said:

    Loving the green! I especially do like the last one – bit of something else! For me, the photo needs to have a bit of something else to make the colour ‘pop’!

    • You are so right. I don’t think I have e we tried taking a picture of a colour before. Quite a learning experience for me.Loving taking part in the challenge.

  7. I thought of taking part in the same photo challenge but I do think the topics are very tricky. No I’m not a green person really if it comes to clothes but I do find green restful for decor.

    • The topics are quite tricky, but I like a good challenge. Others taking part are using photos they already had taken. I like the task of searching and taking photos specially for the challenge. Green is a good colour for decor, we had it in our lounge in a previous house.

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