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Inspired Sunday!

Took the opportunity of a dentist’s appointment to go into York. First there was a stroll through the museum gardens past this abbey

3.6.15 004

or should I say the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey which was dissolved during Henry the 8ths reign.

Thence to the lovely church very close by of St Olave, St Olaf, patron saint of Norway. originally built in 1055, 11 years before William the conqueror came from Normandy.

3.6.15 010

Entrance is from the North side, just outside the gardens.

The font dates from1860

3.6.15 011

Around the walls are plaques depicting the stations of the cross,presented in 1964

3.6.15 012

The Altar dates from the 17th century.

3.6.15 013

Looking down the church

3.6.15 014

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Comments on: "Inspired Sunday!" (15)

  1. I’ve been meaning to go to York for decades but it’s such a long way.Obviously lots to look at apart from the Minster.

  2. i think it is an arch week at InSPIREd Sunday. every one is sharing them. what a beauty. ruins are fun to see … wonder what it looked like in it’s hay day??! ( :

  3. Sorry that you had to go to the dentist, but I’m glad that your were able to share these photos.

  4. What a nice way to end an unpleasant trip to the dentist.

  5. I missed this one when I was there! Lovely.

  6. LOVE the Abbey ruins and the church is beautiful…that last photo is really awesome. Beautiful post!

  7. Haven’t been to York for ages! Glad you had a lovely time after the dentist – although it’s such a laugh at my dentist I actually enjoy going!

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