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SAL- May 2015

One of the best decisions I made this month was to join the SAL. The grotty weather in England has helped too, rain stopping gardening etc.

I started the birth sampler for my first grandson 7 year ago intending to give it to him on his first birthday, but life and the joys of knitting for said grandson, meant progress was virtually non existent. Enter the SAL.



a walk with Claire 008


SAL May 15 002


a walk with Claire 007


SAL May 15 003

No before,


SAL May 15 004

Looking like this now

SAL May 15 001

So my aim for June is to, finish the fox and badger. There are some mice to go in opposite the hedgehog, top right, Percy the Park Keeper and hedge at the bottom, two more leaf motifs top right and words in the middle. I may finish in time for Christmas.

The design comes from a book called Cross Stitch Characters by Adele Welsby

With grateful thanks to Avis for welcoming me and to all the others who are also sewing along.

Please check the links below ( There may be time zone delays)

Avis at http://sewingbesidethesea.wordpress.com

Kate at https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/sal-12-kowhaiwhai-third-quarter-progress/

Claire at http://claire93.wordpress.com

Gun at http://rutigt.wordpress.com

Carole at http://aslightobsessionwithbooks.wordpress.com

Alison at http://minervahandmade.wordpress.com

Jule at http://fromtheboudoir.wordpress.com

Elizabeth at http://stitch4therapy.wordpress.com

Wendy at http://thecraftersapprentice.blogspot.co.uk

Lucy at https://lucyannluna.wordpress.com


Comments on: "SAL- May 2015" (28)

  1. nice work, you’ve been stitching up a storm!

  2. What a lovely project, and you’ve made stunning progress for the SAL. As you say, the weather is great for stitching, not so good for gardening. I had to fish a massive tree branch off my newly planted out beds this morning 😦

  3. Welcome to the SAL. They are all lovely but my favourite is going to be the badger 🙂 Your Grandson will be over the moon to receive it all finished.

  4. As is your cross stitching! Pressed return too soon.

  5. Percy the Park keeper books and the TV programme are lovely.

  6. Love the animals

  7. Cathy I love the little animals in the sampler. I can’t wait to see the finished project! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Cute little fellows! Definitely worth finishing. 🙂

  9. The hedgehog is so cute! I think this is really gonna be a nice embroidery and I´m sure you´ll finish it in time 🙂

  10. The cross stitch is really coming on! Lovely! I especially like the little hedgehog.

  11. claire93 said:

    well done – it’s amazing what a little motivation can do, isn’t it?

  12. Adorable! How nice to join in with others on such a lovely project. Fun to see what others are doing.
    I have just lit the fire (!) for a cosy day with my crochet hook and the radio.

    • Now that sounds like a plan. I may well do the same this afternoon. Stay cosy, its pouring with rain AGAIN, today.

  13. witchylin said:

    I am so pleased you decided to complete the lovely cross stitch picture for your grandson. It looks gorgeous. I will be following you along with the others on your “show and tell” posts. Welcome, even though I am not involved in the SAL it is always interesting to see how you are all getting along.

  14. Very cute! At this rate, you’ll definitely get it finished for Christmas, and he’ll still be young enough to appreciate it!

    • I do hope so, he’s mostly into swords and castles and FOOTBALL now, but he still loves teddies, so I am hoping this picture will meet his approval.

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