Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

At the start of the year I set 15 goals for 2015, inspired by Laura. Every month I write an update and the running totals can be seen in the page above.

15 minutes walk x 4 times a week, only achieved if I divide some long walks up over a 7 day period. I need to try harder to walk more frequently. However, I have been working very hard in the garden this month to keep up (nearly) with the weeds.

14 bags to a charity shop- well on the way with this one, another two bags have gone. 6 more and I will have made it.

13 animal photos- this has been a total joy this month. There have been a lot but I am only counting them as three as they were taken on three occasions. I don’t want to finish this one too soon! And to save the post being boring I will scatter the animals liberally throughout! First come a couple feline beauties slumbering and strolling through Goathland.

Goathland May 2015 017

Goathland May 2015 034

12 meetings with friends. I can get so busy with my own family, home and crafting that I forget the need to interact with friends. This month my friend Claire came to lunch and I took her one of my favourite walks from Pickering. We had such a good talk and walk.

11 savoury new recipes- I tried two new recipes this month. Bit disappointed with how this is going, I am trying the recipes but the results have been disappointing.

Have a photo of sheep next, also taken in Goathland, nb the recipes were both chicken ones!I am not that insensitive!

Goathland May 2015 040

The sheep really do just walk/run up the road!

10 handwritten letters- this is not going well, so far just one, oh dear.

9 handmade cards, none made this month, but well on the way to succeeding with this one.

8 sewing projects- nothing completed this month, but I have joined a Sew Along to encourage me to complete a Birth Sampler for Master H, started 7 years ago. Do check back on 31 May to see progress. The rain has helped a lot!

7 new yarns- I have started a cardigan for yours truly using an Alpaca blend. Progress is slow, but Yarn Along keeps me going.

6 trips to museums etc, nothing to report.

5 projects for charity. Completed one lap blanket. That makes two projects.

a walk with Claire 009

Made for Sunshine International blankets of love , this should hopefully brighten up an elderly persons day.

4 new walks. A wonderful new walk this week, complete with bluebells, trees, wild garlic,sheep and pigs.What could be better. I posted this on Monday.

Swans, took a lot of pictures last month at the Mere in Scarborough. Went back again for a stroll this month. I thought at first to use these shots for the Photo challenge Love, but decided it was a case of lust, not love.

Ben and Gemma May 4 2015 017

He spots her

Ben and Gemma May 4 2015 018

She’s having none of it and is off

Ben and Gemma May 4 2015 019

Still in pursuit!

3 craft workshops, none so far

2 new cities, Salisbury

1 railway journey, two so far, not bad for  someone who hadn’t taken a train  in yonks plus ages.

0 impulse purchases. I failed, I was probably bound to fail. And just how I knew I would. I wrote very good and all encompassing shopping lists, such as three new long sleeve tops, three short sleeve tops , fabric, craft materials, lots of wriggle room. I knew I would struggle in charity shops, so decided if I saw something I liked I had to have 24 hour cooling off period, then write the item on the next days shopping list. That way I acquired this lovely vase

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 002

But then came my big temptation. Books. Now one of these books was covered under “the increase my local interest books”, but the other most definitely was an impulse purchase, I didn’t dare leave the book for a cooling off period, someone else might buy it.

25.2.15 001

I mean could you have resisted the Sarah Moore book with pages like this

25.2.15 003

or risked someone else buying it with projects like this?

25.2.15 002


Oh well I can try to have 0 impulse purchases except for nice books can’t I?

One more set of animal pictures to finish on. This dog at an upper window at The Malton Food Lovers Festival on Saturday.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 010

“No-one looking inside”

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 009

“No-one noticed me outside”

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 008

“Can I make it?”

Oh boy did the bacon butties have his name on them!!

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Comments on: "15 for 2015-May update" (11)

  1. Your work on your goals is well-balanced, a little bit in each area!
    And no, I could not resist that book either. It is not available as an e-book so I will be keeping an eye out for it in bookstores!

  2. claire93 said:

    I hope the dog didn’t try and jump from that height ^^

    • No, one of the organisers went and told the shop keeper! There was a stall just down the road selling bacon and sausage sandwiches. The dog kept sniffing and crept inch by inch onto the ledge. Pure torture for him!

  3. 2015 has become a new start in life for father and me. Mother passed in 2012 and we now have left Miami after 60 years to Greensboro NC in mid January. I’m coming up on 66 and he will be 92 and there are challenges but we intend on full steam ahead attitude.

    • That’s the only way to be. Your Dad is doing incredibly well, it must be nice to be with him still but not without challenges. All the very best to you. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. This is the first time I’ve seen your list. What wonderful goals, I’m sure having them helps keep your life in a good balance.

  5. I really enjoy your catchups on your 15 in 15. I approached mine in the sense of just 15 things,and 5 months in I have more failures than successes. I’m beginning to think I should have done things your way.

    • I like this way, and if I miss some by the end of the year, who cares, it’s been very helpful through hard times, and good fun along the way. I know for sure I will be doing 16 for 2016!
      Thanks for dropping by.

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