Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I found this one very hard. What is wisdom, how to depict it. Wisdom to my mind comes from experience and the ability to reflect and learn, but also conveys a passing on of that knowledge. The knowledge has to stand the test of time too, I think. So my picture had to encompass all of that. But what?

A school , a church, a library. No Books, and which books, well a couple of books full of wisdom which have to my mind met the criteria.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 003

Aesop’s Fables and the Water Babies by Charles Kingsley.  How would you photo Wisdom? Can’t wait to check out others ideas for this weeks challenge. Please look over on Blue Daisyz and Wild Daffodil


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Wisdom" (10)

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  2. […] just seemed to lose the concentration for reading. However Cathy mentioned a couple of books in our Photo Challenge, this week. The subject is ‘Wisdom’ which is a pretty tough subject to photograph, […]

  3. It is wonderful to hear how you arrived at your choice of photo, the challenge lived up to its name this week, and I always love to see the way we all interpret the prompt. I have not read the Water Babies- is that shocking? I think I need to! Thanks for the nudge. Xx

  4. That is very tricky. First thought: a wrinkled old lived in face. But second thought: age does not guarantee wisdom. Third thought: Google Images for the Dalai Lama as he has some crackingly wise quotes !

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