Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Bridlington Priory.

We recently visited Bridlington, East Yorkshire, and were delighted to find this gem.

Bridlington March15 007

Apparently there are 18 Thompson mice lurking inside. I only found just this one.

Bridlington March15 008

There he goes. The Font was apparently made of Frosterly marble in the 14th Century

Bridlington March15 011

The history of the Priory has been told in tapestry panels made by local people

Bridlington March15 012

I love this window above the altar. Known as the Jesse window depicting the family tree of Jesus.

Bridlington March15 017

The Altar.

Bridlington March15 018

Whilst we were there we were treated to an organ rehearsal. Lovely music, which added so much to our visit.

Bridlington March15 021

Finally the west window, said to be the largest in the North of England.

Bridlington March15 022

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Comments on: "Bridlington Priory." (17)

  1. What beautiful stained glass. A pity you could only find one mouse but that’s better than none! Thanks for sharing.


  2. The window is amazing!

  3. do you think they ever wash those stain glass widows. wow wee, what great heights!! ( :

  4. Whenever I see the lovely churches you visit I think it is is a shame I live so far away!

  5. Amazing

  6. Just stunning! How cute about the little mice.

  7. Thank you, I learned tidbits that I never knew, like the Jesse windows. It reminded me of my visit to York Minster.

  8. Ellen said:

    I love visiting cathedrals in Great Britain. This one is a beauty!

  9. What can I say, wonderfull looking priory church. Thought the font was a pulpit at first.

  10. Beautiful place. The stained glass is amazing. Love those tapestries too.

  11. This is amazing, wow… 🙂

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