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Walking in Aidensfield

Had a lovely walk this weekend around Aidensfield or as it is known to us locals, Goathland. Or if you love Harry Potter books, Hogwarts station!

Goathland May 2015 012

At the station

Goathland May 2015 010

In the waiting room

Goathland May 2015 011

Here come the trains

Goathland May 2015 020

Into Goathland/ Aidensfield, the pub

Goathland May 2015 008

Police car at Scripps garage

Goathland May 2015 033

Heading to the shops

Goathland May 2015 044

Love the sheep.

Goathland May 2015 046

View to the war memorial

Goathland May 2015 045

Train heading to Pickering

Goathland May 2015 003

Goathland May 2015 005

Love to hear if you had a walk this weekend. Please look at Wild Daffodil for more lovely walks, here


Comments on: "Walking in Aidensfield" (9)

  1. Hi Cathy! Thank you for the beautiful photos. I felt like I was right there with you. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tour NanaCathy!!! I love seeing new places 🙂

  3. Scary to think that the last time I was there – over 20 years ago – none of the film and television programmes the place is famous for had been filmed!

  4. What a great walk – full of nostalgia for those bygone days. And the Z cars police car! Brilliant! I know I’d feel right at home in a place where sheep can freely wander on the roads. Thank you so much for the link!!!! It is really great be sharing these walks – I love it!
    I went in search of bluebells yesterday and was a little disappointed that the woods were shrouded in thick mist – but I’m quite pleased with the photos – very atmospheric – I hope to share them on Wednesday. Thank you again, my virtual-walking pal!

  5. Looks lovely. Wedding for us this weekend, so unusually no walks.

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