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Sensory thoughts- Touch

Touch, now here at last is a sensation that doesn’t fade with age, if anything it becomes more important.Elderly people love to touch an animal, as stroking a cat or a dog can calm someone down who is in distress. I have even heard that holding chickens is beneficial .

And a hug is always welcome. My Dad used to love being presented with the latest great grandchild for a cuddle.

So in no particular order here are my likes and dislikes..

Clean sheets- I love the cool smooth feeling from air dried clean sheets.

Not so clean sheets- the day you know you just have to change them, they are so warm and cosy, like being in a burrow or nest!

My Dad used to stroke my forehead to get me to sleep when I was poorly. The memory still calms me down.

One of my boys  ( I shan’t name the one ) loved the feel of the nitty comb! WEIRD. Especially as I was usually freaking out about nits at the time. I finally discovered stay in coconut spray conditioner, works a preventative treat.

Babies, the feel of that newborn skin, the feel of their podgy little legs, bliss.

Water, be it paddling in cool mountain streams or swimming in the warm sea on holiday. Just being in water is relaxing.

And that lovely feeling you get when you shower away the sea and sand. Feeling clean is such a pick me up.

Walking on a beach barefoot, the cool English beaches or the heat from a holiday beach. Sand on toes is just such a good feeling.

But oh not a pebble beach, too hot in August and too painful always from the stones.

A nice cool breeze on a hot day, that cools the skin at the back of your neck. Or a ride in an open top car or bus with the wind whistling through your hair.

Tree trunks, I don’t actually hug trees but I come pretty close, something very reassuring about a tree trunk.

Moss, oh so soft and tactile. New leaves on trees, when they are still the palest of greens, I like to just stroke them gently, welcoming the newness of life.

I can’t stand the feel of a budgie or any other bird on my head or skin, totally gives me the heeby jeebies. Along with moths. I leave a room with a moth flying around. hate itif they brush against me.

Best feeling of all. Having my hair brushed or combed. Can’t beat a trip to the hairdresser.

Back in March I had a small operation on my scalp to remove a Basel cell growth, a non malignant skin cancer. It was quite a brutal process involving local anesthetic, scrapping, cutting and cauterizing. I was told off for being too stoical, and was given two extra shots of anesthetic. Anyway the point is,  at the end of the 20 minute appointment , out goes the consultant and the obligatory two students. I get up to go.The nurse said No don’t go yet, rest a while, and she came and sat down next to me. Very gently she parted my hair and with a comb,combed my hair, as she said it was messy from the operation.Her touch was so gentle,it was like magic. I very nearly cried. And that is how a nurse should be!

Love to have your comments on touch! Do you like or dislike the same things as me?



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