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15 for 2015-March

How the months are passing. Hard to believe we are a quarter of the year gone already. Winter has passed to Spring, and March winds are oh so true today. The dustbins have blown over and a bird feeder broke overnight.

So how have I got on with my 15 for 2015. Slowly!

15 minutes walk x 4 times a  week. Yes, accomplished again this month. I should have set the bar higher I think.

14 bags to a charity shop. I took four today, whoopee. That makes 5 in total.

13 animal photos. OH MY! Now I know why one should never work with children or animals. Animals look very photogenic one moment and the next , well blow me down they move!! But there have been a few good occasions for animal photos.

Snow March 2015 024

The hunt exercising the hounds in the snow.

Snow March 2015 014

I took about 20 shots of chickens this month and this is the best one!!!

ellerburn Feb 15 027

I love this dog keeping guard, and he does have a big woof! I think I may have alarmed him?

ellerburn Feb 15 032

One farm cat! There were three but all I got of the other two was tails or empty spaces. I think this one sat still to get rid of me!

Snow March 2015 008

Horse eating hay. It would not turn round and even when I went the other side of it , it turned its back on me. OK I can take the hint.

Snow March 2015 015

Never try taking white geese in snow, this is what you get. Look closely.

ellerburn Feb 15 035

Now he is my best shot this month. I am only counting four of these pictures towards my total. That makes 6, but could do better.

12 meetings with friends. I met my lovely blogging friend Rachel

11 Savoury recipes. Now this has been a revelation to me this month. I have made two new Jamie Oliver  recipes. A pasta and pepper dish and a chicken korma. Both scrummy and added to my repertoire. And Mushrooms  in a Stilton and garlic  cream.  I made two portions in  ramekin dishes and served with homemade bread. We had it for lunch but it would make a super starter. Now this is so delicious that here is a link to the recipes from the  BBC.

In looking for new recipes I have had out all my cookery books and found recipes I tried once, liked but not tried again. So I have cooked lots of dinners from my once only recipes. And in spending more time choosing, researching, shopping for ingredients and cooking the dinners, I have really started to enjoy cooking our evening meal. When I worked it was a real chore night after night, what shall we have, what have we got etc etc. I have now actually found myself looking forward to 5pm when I start to make dinner.

Anyway total of new recipes tried this year 5. And mushrooms consumed in Stilton sauce- three lunches!

10 handwritten letters. Still just one. When I have some cheerful news it will be easier to put pen to paper.

9 Handmade cards. Two birthday cards and a mothers day card. 7 altogether. I think this will be the first of my 15 ticked off.

8 Sewing or embroidery projects.

9.3.15 004

I finally completed this cross stitch picture, called “As far as we go”. A DMC kit, began more than a little while ago. ( Maybe 6 years!!)

25.3.15 004

And a little ribbon embroidery kit. Purchased from Crafty Ribbons more years ago than I care to own up too. (2003!!!)

That makes three.

7 new yarns. No just the one still.

6 Trips to museums, art galleries, theatres, etc.  I went to the local craft show which was surprisingly good and even bought a birthday present for Ms G, but this was not what I had in mind when I began this list, so doesn’t count.

5 Projects for charity. Well I volunteered for another charity project via the blog world, but no-one came back to me. Second time I offered my skills to no avail. Struggling with this one.

4 new walks- still just the one

3 craft workshops- no

2 New cities- just Salisbury last month

1 railway journey- no

0 impulse purchases- so far so good!

Love to hear if you have made progress on any goals you set yourself this year.

Easter is just round the corner, hoping for better things and some good news next month.

Thanks for reading.




Comments on: "15 for 2015-March" (9)

  1. Shirley said:

    SIBOL sunshine international blankets for love have a Google search it’s a lady in England collecting knitted or crocheted lap siZe blankets she takes to local care homes perhaps might be something you can in in with. Loved your photos and got me thinKing about numbered challenges like you have given yourself

  2. That all sounds awesome – you’re really racing through those numbers and it’s only the first quarter of the year! Although sorry you’re having trouble finding somewhere to volunteer. Have you looked on Ravelry for opportunities? There’s usually people wanting Premie hats, or P/HOP are often in search of help. Just a thought 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  3. It’s fun plugging away in a lot of different areas, isn’t it? And in categories you choose for yourself, that you would never see in a magazine article on resolutions!

    I love the hunt in the snow picture!

  4. Wow! You have been very busy the last month. Thank you for sharing and I have no doubt that you will accomplish much more of your list of things to do. 🙂 That counted cross stitch is adorable.

  5. This list is a great idea. I’m honoured to be part of it too, that was a good surprise.

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