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Salisbury Cathedral

Theo birthday Feb 2015 059

The most magnificent of the churches we visited in February was Salisbury cathedral. No wonder John Constable painted it 25 times!

Theo birthday Feb 2015 042

This is the North Nave.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 043

I love the ceiling.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 054

And this is the font designed by William Pye and installed in 2008 for the 750th anniversary. It’s at times like this I wish I could take better pictures, but I will keep trying.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 044

This is the window in the North Transept.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 045

Now the cathedral was preparing for a big Magna Carta exhibition later in the year and I was disappointed not to have been there at the right time. However there was this replica on show, and according to the guide I spoke too she can’t tell the replica from the original!

Theo birthday Feb 2015 046

And these are the clasps which held it.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 049

the windows are magnificent throughout, I just love the blues in this one.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 052

This is the tomb of William Longespee 1226, the first person to be buried in the cathedral. He was half brother to King John and advised him during the drawing up of the Magna Carta.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 058

Outside there are still cloisters, a lovely place to stroll and think.

More information on the cathedral here and on John Constable here

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Comments on: "Salisbury Cathedral" (9)

  1. It is an awful lot of years since we visited Sailsbury but we never went inside so your post enlightens us,

  2. truly magnificent !!….thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Such amazing detail. Rom The Backroads Traveller

  4. that hallway goes and goes … just amazing!! love it! ( :

  5. I wish I could have joined my hubby when he was there many years ago! I missed a lot! Your photos are great! I LOVE the blue window also!

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